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Conduit Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
TB120 Terminal Box 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB125 Terminal Box 25mmGalvanised Steel
TB220 Box, Through 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB225 Box, Through 25mmGalvanised Steel
TB320 Box, Angle 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB325 Box, Angle 25mmGalvanised Steel
TB420 Box, Tee 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB425 Box, Tee 25mmGalvanised Steel
TB520 Box, Intersection 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB525 Box, Intersection 25mmGalvanised Steel
TB620 Box, 2 Way U 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB625 Box, 2 Way U 25mmGalvanised Steel
TB720 Box, 3 Way Y 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB725 Box, 3 Way Y 25mmGalvanised Steel
TB820 Box, Twin H Through 20mmGalvanised Steel
TB825 Box, Twin H Through 25mmGalvanised Steel
TDS20 Saddle, Distance 20mmGalvanised Steel
TDS25 Saddle, Distance 25mmGalvanised Steel
TFB20 Bush, Female 20mmBrass
TFB25 Bush, Female 25mmBrass
TLN20 Lock Nut 20mmGalvanised Steel
TLN25 Lock Nut 25mmGalvanised Steel
TMB20L Bush, Long Male 20mmBrass
TMB20S Bush, Short Male 20mmBrass
TMB25L Bush, Long Male 25mmBrass
TMB25S Bush, Short Male 25mmBrass
TML20 Lock Nut, Milled Edge 20mmGalvanised Steel
TML25 Lock Nut, Milled Edge 25mmGalvanised Steel
TRG20 Gasket, for 2 Hole Box Rubber
TSB20 Saddle, Spacer Bar 20mmGalvanised Steel
TSB25 Saddle, Spacer Bar 25mmGalvanised Steel
TSC20 Coupler, Solid 20mmGalvanised Steel
TSC25 Coupler, Solid 25mmGalvanised Steel
TSL20 Cover, Light Duty 2 Hole Galvanised Steel

As a British manufacturer of cable management products, Tamlex is uniquely placed. With over 40 years experience and expertise, its proven capability to supply from floor service boxes to power and lighting trunking systems.

As a design orientated manufacturer, Tamlex has established many standard product ranges as well as special products to suit individual installation circumstances that incorporate features and benefits for the installer.

At Tamlex we strive for excellence in providing cable management products to our expanding customer base. We place a high value on minimising the impact to the environment and are committed to the maintenance and improvement of environmental practice in our day to day operations as a manufacturer and distributor.

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