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Steel Cable Tray Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
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50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF75-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF75-FT Tee, Flat 75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF75-FW Intersection, 4 Way 75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF75-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF75-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF100-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF100-FT Tee, Flat 100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF100-FW Intersection, 4 Way 100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF100-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF100-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF100-RE Reducer 100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF150-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF150-FT Tee, Flat 150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF150-FW Intersection, 4 Way 150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF150-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF150-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF150-RE Reducer 150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF225-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 225x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF225-FT Tee, Flat 225x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF225-FW Intersection, 4 Way 225x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF225-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 225x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF225-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 225x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF225-RE Reducer 225x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF300-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 300x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF300-FT Tee, Flat 300x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF300-FW Intersection, 4 Way 300x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF300-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 300x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF300-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 300x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF300-RE Reducer 300x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF450-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 450x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF450-FT Tee, Flat 450x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF450-FW Intersection, 4 Way 450x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF450-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 450x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF450-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 450x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF450-RE Reducer 450x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF600/FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 600x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF600/FT Tee, Flat 600x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PHF600/IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 600x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
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25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF75-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 75x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF75-FT Tee, Flat 75x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF75-FW Intersection, 4 Way 75x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF75-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 75x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF75-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 75x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF100-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 100x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF100-FT Tee, Flat 100x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF100-FW Intersection, 4 Way 100x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF100-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 100x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF100-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 100x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF100-RE Reducer 100x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF150-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 150x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF150-FT Tee, Flat 150x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF150-FW Intersection, 4 Way 150x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF150-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 150x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF150-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 150x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF150-RE Reducer 150x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF225-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 225x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF225-FT Tee, Flat 225x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF225-FW Intersection, 4 Way 225x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF225-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 225x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF225-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 225x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF225-RE Reducer 225x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF300-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 300x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF300-FT Tee, Flat 300x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF300-FW Intersection, 4 Way 300x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF300-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 300x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF300-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 300x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF300-RE Reducer 300x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF450-FE Elbow, 90Deg Flat 450x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF450-FT Tee, Flat 450x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF450-FW Intersection, 4 Way 450x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF450-IR Riser, Adjustable Inside 450x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF450-OR Riser, Adjustable Outside 450x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
PMF450-RE Reducer 450x25mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
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Bracket, Stand-Off
50/75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
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Bracket, Stand-Off
100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
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Bracket, Stand-Off
150mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
STO9 Bracket, Stand-Off 225mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
STO12 Bracket, Stand-Off 300mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
STO18 Bracket, Stand-Off 450mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
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Hanger, G for up to M10 Rod
50/75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
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Hanger, G for up to M10 Rod
100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
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Hanger, G for up to M10 Rod
150mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
TGH9 Hanger, G for up to M10 Rod 225mmSteel Pre-Galvanised

As a British manufacturer of cable management products, Tamlex is uniquely placed. With over 40 years experience and expertise, its proven capability to supply from floor service boxes to power and lighting trunking systems.

As a design orientated manufacturer, Tamlex has established many standard product ranges as well as special products to suit individual installation circumstances that incorporate features and benefits for the installer.

At Tamlex we strive for excellence in providing cable management products to our expanding customer base. We place a high value on minimising the impact to the environment and are committed to the maintenance and improvement of environmental practice in our day to day operations as a manufacturer and distributor.

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