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Heat Shrink Sleeving

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
06030005010 Sleeving, SAM1.2 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
06030006010 Sleeving, SAM1.2 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030010010 Sleeving, SAM1.6 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
06030011010 Sleeving, SAM1.6 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030020010 Sleeving, SAM2.4 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
06030021010 Sleeving, SAM2.4 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030030010 Sleeving, SAM3.2 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
06030031010 Sleeving, SAM3.2 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030050010 Sleeving, SAM4.8 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
06030051010 Sleeving, SAM4.8 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030060010 Sleeving, SAM6.4 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
06030061010 Sleeving, SAM6.4 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030080010 Sleeving, SAM9.5 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
06030081010 Sleeving, SAM9.5 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030090010 Sleeving, SAM12.7 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06030091010 Sleeving, SAM12.7 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030100010 Sleeving, SAM16.0 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06030101010 Sleeving, SAM16.0 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030110010 Sleeving, SAM19.0 Heat Shrink 19mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06030111010 Sleeving, SAM19.0 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030120010 Sleeving, SAM25.4 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06030121010 Sleeving, SAM25.4 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030130010 Sleeving, SAM32.0 Heat Shrink 32mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06030131010 Sleeving, SAM32.0 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030140010 Sleeving, SAM38.1 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx30mBlack Polyolefin
06030141010 Sleeving, SAM38.1 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030150010 Sleeving, SAM50.8 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx30mBlack Polyolefin
06030151010 Sleeving, SAM50.8 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030160010 Sleeving, SAM76.2 Heat Shrink 76.2mmx25mBlack Polyolefin
06030161010 Sleeving, SAM76.2 Heat Shrink 76.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06030170010 Sleeving, SAM101 Heat Shrink 101.6mmx25mBlack Polyolefin
06030171010 Sleeving, SAM101 Heat Shrink 101.6mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
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Sleeving, SAM1.6 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
17mBlack Polyolefin
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Sleeving, SAM2.4 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
15mBlack Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, SAM3.2 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
15mBlack Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, SAM4.8 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
12mBlack Polyolefin
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Sleeving, SAM6.4 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
12mBlack Polyolefin
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Sleeving, SAM9.5 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
8mBlack Polyolefin
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Sleeving, SAM12.7 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
8mBlack Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, SAM16.0 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
6mBlack Polyolefin
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Sleeving, SAM19.0 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
5mBlack Polyolefin
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Sleeving, SAM25.4 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
5mBlack Polyolefin
06030490000 Support, SUSAM-340 Bench, for Dispenser Box 370x215x65mmElectro-Galvanised Steel
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Sleeving, B24 Heat Shrink Flexible
2.4mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
06390001018 Sleeving, B24 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mNatural Polyolefin
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Sleeving, B32 Heat Shrink Flexible
3.2mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
06390003018 Sleeving, B32 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mNatural Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B48 Heat Shrink Flexible
4.8mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
06390005018 Sleeving, B48 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mNatural Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B127 Heat Shrink Flexible
12.7mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06390007018 Sleeving, B127 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mNatural Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B160 Heat Shrink Flexible
16mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06390008018 Sleeving, B160 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mNatural Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B190 Heat Shrink Flexible
19mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06390009018 Sleeving, B190 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B254 Heat Shrink Flexible
25.4mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06390010018 Sleeving, B254 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B16 Heat Shrink Flexible
1.6mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
06390011018 Sleeving, B16 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mNatural Polyolefin
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Sleeving, B320 Heat Shrink Flexible
32mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06390013018 Sleeving, B320 Heat Shrink 32mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
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Sleeving, B64 Heat Shrink Flexible
6.4mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
06390014018 Sleeving, B64 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mNatural Polyolefin
06390015018 Sleeving, B12 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mNatural Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B510 Heat Shrink Flexible
50.8mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06390016018 Sleeving, B510 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
06390017001 Sleeving, B95 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mWhite Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, B95 Heat Shrink Flexible
9.5mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
06390017018 Sleeving, B95 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mNatural Polyolefin
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Sleeving, B380 Heat Shrink Flexible
38.1mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
06390018018 Sleeving, B380 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
06390021010 Sleeving, B12 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390021018 Sleeving, B12 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390022010 Sleeving, B16 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390022018 Sleeving, B16 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390023010 Sleeving, B24 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390023018 Sleeving, B24 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390024010 Sleeving, B32 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390024018 Sleeving, B32 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390025010 Sleeving, B48 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390025018 Sleeving, B48 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390026010 Sleeving, B64 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390026018 Sleeving, B64 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390027010 Sleeving, B95 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390027018 Sleeving, B95 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390028010 Sleeving, B127 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390028018 Sleeving, B127 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390029010 Sleeving, B160 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390029018 Sleeving, B160 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390030010 Sleeving, B190 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390030018 Sleeving, B190 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390031010 Sleeving, B254 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390031018 Sleeving, B254 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390032010 Sleeving, B320 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390032018 Sleeving, B320 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390033010 Sleeving, B380 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390033018 Sleeving, B380 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390034010 Sleeving, B510 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
06390034018 Sleeving, B510 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mNatural Polyolefin
06390210018 Sleeving, B16 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 17mNatural Polyolefin
06390220018 Sleeving, B24 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 15mNatural Polyolefin
06390230018 Sleeving, B32 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 15mNatural Polyolefin
06390240018 Sleeving, B48 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 12mNatural Polyolefin
06390250018 Sleeving, B64 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 12mNatural Polyolefin
06390260018 Sleeving, B95 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 8mNatural Polyolefin
06390270018 Sleeving, B127 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 8mNatural Polyolefin
06390275018 Sleeving, B160 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 6mNatural Polyolefin
06390280018 Sleeving, B190 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 5mNatural Polyolefin
06390290018 Sleeving, B254 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 5mNatural Polyolefin
07390005010 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
07390001001 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mWhite Polyolefin
07390001002 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mBlue Polyolefin
07390001003 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mGreen Polyolefin
07390001004 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mYellow Polyolefin
07390005013 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mGrey Polyolefin
07390001007 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mRed Polyolefin
07390001010 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
07390002001 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mWhite Polyolefin
07390002002 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mBlue Polyolefin
07390002003 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mGreen Polyolefin
07390002004 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mYellow Polyolefin
07390002007 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mRed Polyolefin
07390002010 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
07390003001 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mWhite Polyolefin
07390003002 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mBlue Polyolefin
07390003003 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mGreen Polyolefin
07390003004 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mYellow Polyolefin
07390003005 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mOrange Polyolefin
07390003006 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mBrown Polyolefin
07390003007 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mRed Polyolefin
07390003008 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mViolet Polyolefin
07390003010 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
07390003013 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx150mGrey Polyolefin
07390004001 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mWhite Polyolefin
07390004002 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mBlue Polyolefin
07390004003 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mGreen Polyolefin
07390004004 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mYellow Polyolefin
07390004005 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mOrange Polyolefin
07390004006 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mBrown Polyolefin
07390004007 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mRed Polyolefin
07390004008 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mViolet Polyolefin
07390004010 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
07390004013 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mGrey Polyolefin
07390005001 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mWhite Polyolefin
07390005002 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mBlue Polyolefin
07390005003 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mGreen Polyolefin
07390005004 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mYellow Polyolefin
07390005005 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mOrange Polyolefin
07390005006 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mBrown Polyolefin
07390005007 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mRed Polyolefin
07390005008 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mViolet Polyolefin
07390006001 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mWhite Polyolefin
07390006002 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mBlue Polyolefin
07390006003 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mGreen Polyolefin
07390006004 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mYellow Polyolefin
07390006005 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mOrange Polyolefin
07390006006 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mBrown Polyolefin
07390006007 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mRed Polyolefin
07390006008 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mViolet Polyolefin
07390006010 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
07390006013 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mGrey Polyolefin
07390007001 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mWhite Polyolefin
07390007002 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mBlue Polyolefin
07390007003 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mGreen Polyolefin
07390007004 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mYellow Polyolefin
07390007005 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mOrange Polyolefin
07390007006 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mBrown Polyolefin
07390007007 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mRed Polyolefin
07390007008 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mViolet Polyolefin
07390007010 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
07390007013 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mGrey Polyolefin
07390008001 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mWhite Polyolefin
07390008002 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mBlue Polyolefin
07390008003 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mGreen Polyolefin
07390008004 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mYellow Polyolefin
07390008005 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mOrange Polyolefin
07390008006 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mBrown Polyolefin
07390008007 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mRed Polyolefin
07390008008 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mViolet Polyolefin
07390008010 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07390008013 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mGrey Polyolefin
07390009001 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07390009002 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07390009003 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mGreen Polyolefin
07390009004 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07390009005 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mOrange Polyolefin
07390009006 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mBrown Polyolefin
07390009007 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07390009008 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mViolet Polyolefin
07390009010 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07390009013 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mGrey Polyolefin
07390010001 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07390010002 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07390010003 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mGreen Polyolefin
07390010004 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07390010005 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mOrange Polyolefin
07390010006 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mBrown Polyolefin
07390010007 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07390010008 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mViolet Polyolefin
07390010010 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07390010013 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mGrey Polyolefin
07390011001 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07390011002 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07390011003 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx30mGreen Polyolefin
07390011004 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07390011007 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07390011010 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07390012001 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07390012002 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07390012003 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx30mGreen Polyolefin
07390012004 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07390012007 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07390012010 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07390013001 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07390013002 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07390013003 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx30mGreen Polyolefin
07390013004 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07390013007 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07390013010 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07390014010 Sleeving, BEX7500 Heat Shrink 76.2mmx25mBlack Polyolefin
07390015010 Sleeving, BEX10200 Heat Shrink 101.6mmx25mBlack Polyolefin
07390016001 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mWhite Polyolefin
07390016002 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mBlue Polyolefin
07390016003 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mGreen Polyolefin
07390016004 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mYellow Polyolefin
07390016005 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mOrange Polyolefin
07390016006 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mBrown Polyolefin
07390016007 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mRed Polyolefin
07390016008 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mViolet Polyolefin
07390016010 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07390016013 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx50mGrey Polyolefin
07390021001 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390021002 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390021003 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390021004 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390021007 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390021010 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390022001 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390022002 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390022003 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390022004 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390022007 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390022010 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390023001 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390023002 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390023003 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390023004 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390023005 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390023006 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390023007 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390023008 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390023010 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390023013 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390024001 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390024002 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390024003 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390024004 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390024005 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390024006 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390024007 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390024008 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390024010 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390024013 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390025001 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390025002 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390025003 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390025004 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390025005 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390025006 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390025007 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390025008 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390025010 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390025013 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390026001 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390026002 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390026003 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390026004 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390026005 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390026006 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390026007 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390026008 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390026010 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390026013 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390027001 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390027002 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390027003 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390027004 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390027005 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390027006 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390027007 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390027008 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390027010 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390027013 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390028001 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390028002 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390028003 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390028004 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390028005 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390028006 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390028007 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390028008 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390028010 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390028013 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390029001 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390029002 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390029003 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390029004 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390029005 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390029006 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390029007 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390029008 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390029010 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390029013 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390030001 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390030002 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390030003 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390030004 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390030005 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390030006 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390030007 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390030008 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390030010 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390030013 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390031001 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390031002 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390031003 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390031004 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390031007 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390031010 Sleeving, BEX3200 Heat Shrink 32mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390032002 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390032003 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390032004 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390032007 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390032010 Sleeving, BEX3800 Heat Shrink 38.1mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390033001 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390033002 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390033003 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390033004 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390033007 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390033010 Sleeving, BEX5100 Heat Shrink 50.8mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390034007 Sleeving, BEX7500 Heat Shrink 76.2mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390034010 Sleeving, BEX7500 Heat Shrink 76.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390035010 Sleeving, BEX10200 Heat Shrink 101.6mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390036001 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390036002 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mBlue Polyolefin
07390036003 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mGreen Polyolefin
07390036004 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390036005 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mOrange Polyolefin
07390036006 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mBrown Polyolefin
07390036007 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mRed Polyolefin
07390036008 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mViolet Polyolefin
07390036010 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07390036013 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16mmx1.22mGrey Polyolefin
07390059010 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2x10mmBlack Polyolefin
07390060010 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6x10mmBlack Polyolefin
07390061010 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4x10mmBlack Polyolefin
07390062010 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x10mmBlack Polyolefin
07390071010 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2x15mmBlack Polyolefin
07390072010 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6x15mmBlack Polyolefin
07390073010 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4x15mmBlack Polyolefin
07390074010 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x15mmBlack Polyolefin
07390075010 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8x15mmBlack Polyolefin
07390083010 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2x20mmBlack Polyolefin
07390084010 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6x20mmBlack Polyolefin
07390085010 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4x20mmBlack Polyolefin
07390086010 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x20mmBlack Polyolefin
07390088010 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4x20mmBlack Polyolefin
07390108010 Sleeving, BEX120 Heat Shrink 1.2x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390109010 Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink 1.6x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390110010 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390111010 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390112010 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390113010 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390114010 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390115010 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390117010 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390118010 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16x30mmBlack Polyolefin
07390165010 Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink 25.4x50mmBlack Polyolefin
07390166010 Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink 16x50mmBlack Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX160 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
11mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
10mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
10mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
10mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
10mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
10mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
10mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
8mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
8mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
8mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
7mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
7mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
7mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
6mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
6mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink in Dispenser Box
6mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
5mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
5mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
5mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
4mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
4mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1600 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
4mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
3mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
3mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
3mGrey Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
2mBlue Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
2mBrown Polyolefin
More Information Available
Sleeving, BEX2540 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box
2mGrey Polyolefin
07390301000 Sleeve, Kit c/w 376 Sleeves in Box Polyolefin
07390311002 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4x45mmBlue Polyolefin
07390311007 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4x45mmRed Polyolefin
07390311010 Sleeving, BEX240 Heat Shrink 2.4x45mmBlack Polyolefin
07390320001 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x50mmWhite Polyolefin
07390320002 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x50mmBlue Polyolefin
07390320004 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x50mmYellow Polyolefin
07390320007 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x50mmRed Polyolefin
07390320010 Sleeving, BEX320 Heat Shrink 3.2x50mmBlack Polyolefin
07390331002 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8x45mmBlue Polyolefin
07390331004 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8x45mmYellow Polyolefin
07390331007 Sleeving, BEX480 Heat Shrink 4.8x45mmRed Polyolefin
07390340002 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4x50mmBlue Polyolefin
07390340004 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4x50mmYellow Polyolefin
07390340007 Sleeving, BEX640 Heat Shrink 6.4x50mmRed Polyolefin
07390350007 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5x100mmRed Polyolefin
07390350010 Sleeving, BEX950 Heat Shrink 9.5x100mmBlack Polyolefin
07390360007 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7x100mmRed Polyolefin
07390360010 Sleeving, BEX1270 Heat Shrink 12.7x100mmBlack Polyolefin
07390370007 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19x200mmRed Polyolefin
07390370010 Sleeving, BEX1900 Heat Shrink 19x200mmBlack Polyolefin
07390404001 Sleeving, BXF320 Heat Shrink Flat 3.2mmx9mWhite Polyolefin
07390404004 Sleeving, BXF320 Heat Shrink Flat 3.2mmx9mYellow Polyolefin
07390405001 Sleeving, BXF480 Heat Shrink Flat 4.8mmx9mWhite Polyolefin
07390405004 Sleeving, BXF480 Heat Shrink Flat 4.8mmx9mYellow Polyolefin
07390406001 Sleeving, BXF640 Heat Shrink Flat 6.4mmx9mWhite Polyolefin
07390406004 Sleeving, BXF640 Heat Shrink Flat 6.4mmx9mYellow Polyolefin
07390407001 Sleeving, BXF950 Heat Shrink Flat 9.5mmx9mWhite Polyolefin
07390407004 Sleeving, BXF950 Heat Shrink Flat 9.5mmx9mYellow Polyolefin
07390408001 Sleeving, BXF1270 Heat Shrink Flat 12.7mmx7mWhite Polyolefin
07390408004 Sleeving, BXF1270 Heat Shrink Flat 12.7mmx7mYellow Polyolefin
07390409001 Sleeving, BXF1600 Heat Shrink Flat 16mmx7mWhite Polyolefin
07390409004 Sleeving, BXF1600 Heat Shrink Flat 16mmx7mYellow Polyolefin
07390410001 Sleeving, BXF1900 Heat Shrink Flat 19mmx7mWhite Polyolefin
07390410004 Sleeving, BXF1900 Heat Shrink Flat 19mmx7mYellow Polyolefin
07390411001 Sleeving, BXF2540 Heat Shrink Flat 25.4mmx7mWhite Polyolefin
07390411004 Sleeving, BXF2540 Heat Shrink Flat 25.4mmx7mYellow Polyolefin
07390423001 Sleeving, BXP240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx61mWhite Polyolefin
07390423004 Sleeving, BXP240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx61mYellow Polyolefin
07390424001 Sleeving, BXP320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx61mWhite Polyolefin
07390424004 Sleeving, BXP320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx61mYellow Polyolefin
07390425001 Sleeving, BXP480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx61mWhite Polyolefin
07390425004 Sleeving, BXP480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx61mYellow Polyolefin
07390426001 Sleeving, BXP640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx61mWhite Polyolefin
07390426004 Sleeving, BXP640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx61mYellow Polyolefin
07390433001 Sleeving, BXP240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390433004 Sleeving, BXP240 Heat Shrink 2.4mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390434001 Sleeving, BXP320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390434004 Sleeving, BXP320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390435001 Sleeving, BXP480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390435004 Sleeving, BXP480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07390436001 Sleeving, BXP640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mWhite Polyolefin
07390436004 Sleeving, BXP640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mYellow Polyolefin
07470010001 Sleeving, BEX-03150 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mWhite Polyolefin
07470010002 Sleeving, BEX-03150 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mBlue Polyolefin
07470010007 Sleeving, BEX-03150 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mRed Polyolefin
07470010010 Sleeving, BEX-03150 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
07470010018 Sleeving, BEX-03150 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx150mNatural Polyolefin
07470011001 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mWhite Polyolefin
07470011002 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mBlue Polyolefin
07470011004 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mYellow Polyolefin
07470011007 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mRed Polyolefin
07470011010 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mBlack Polyolefin
07470011018 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mNatural Polyolefin
07470012001 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mWhite Polyolefin
07470012002 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mBlue Polyolefin
07470012004 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mYellow Polyolefin
07470012007 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mRed Polyolefin
07470012010 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
07470012018 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mNatural Polyolefin
07470013001 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mWhite Polyolefin
07470013002 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mBlue Polyolefin
07470013004 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mYellow Polyolefin
07470013007 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mRed Polyolefin
07470013010 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
07470013018 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mNatural Polyolefin
07470014001 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mWhite Polyolefin
07470014002 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mBlue Polyolefin
07470014004 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mYellow Polyolefin
07470014007 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mRed Polyolefin
07470014010 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mBlack Polyolefin
07470014018 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mNatural Polyolefin
07470015001 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mWhite Polyolefin
07470015002 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mBlue Polyolefin
07470015004 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mYellow Polyolefin
07470015007 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mRed Polyolefin
07470015010 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mBlack Polyolefin
07470015018 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mNatural Polyolefin
07470016001 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07470016002 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07470016004 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07470016007 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07470016010 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mBlack Polyolefin
07470016018 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
07470017001 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07470017002 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07470017004 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07470017007 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07470017010 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mBlack Polyolefin
07470017018 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
07470018001 Sleeving, BEX-033900 Heat Shrink 39mmx30mWhite Polyolefin
07470018002 Sleeving, BEX-033900 Heat Shrink 39mmx30mBlue Polyolefin
07470018004 Sleeving, BEX-033900 Heat Shrink 39mmx30mYellow Polyolefin
07470018007 Sleeving, BEX-033900 Heat Shrink 39mmx30mRed Polyolefin
07470018010 Sleeving, BEX-033900 Heat Shrink 39mmx30mBlack Polyolefin
07470018018 Sleeving, BEX-033900 Heat Shrink 39mmx30mNatural Polyolefin
07470030010 Sleeving, BEX-03150 Heat Shrink 1.6mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470031010 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470032010 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470033010 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470034010 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470035010 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470036010 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470037010 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mBlack Polyolefin
07470050010 Sleeving, BEX-03150 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 11mBlack Polyolefin
07470051010 Sleeving, BEX-03300 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 8mBlack Polyolefin
07470052010 Sleeving, BEX-03480 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 7mBlack Polyolefin
07470053010 Sleeving, BEX-03600 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 6mBlack Polyolefin
07470054010 Sleeving, BEX-03900 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 4mBlack Polyolefin
07470055010 Sleeving, BEX-031200 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 3mBlack Polyolefin
07470056010 Sleeving, BEX-031800 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 3mBlack Polyolefin
07470057010 Sleeving, BEX-032400 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 2mBlack Polyolefin
07470070011 Sleeving, AD-UL-03300 Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined 3.2mmx1.22mTransparent Polyolefin
07470071011 Sleeving, AD-UL-03480 Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined 4.7mmx1.22mTransparent Polyolefin
07470072011 Sleeving, AD-UL-03600 Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined 6.4mmx1.22mTransparent Polyolefin
07470073011 Sleeving, AD-UL-03900 Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined 9.5mmx1.22mTransparent Polyolefin
07470074011 Sleeving, AD-UL-031200 Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined 12.7mmx1.22mTransparent Polyolefin
07470075011 Sleeving, AD-UL-031900 Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined 19.1mmx1.22mTransparent Polyolefin
07470076011 Sleeving, AD-UL-032400 Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined 25.4mmx1.22mTransparent Polyolefin
07470140060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03320 Heat Shrink 3.2mmx150mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470141060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx75mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470142060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx75mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470143060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx75mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470144060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-031270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx50mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470145060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-031900 Heat Shrink 19mmx30mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470146060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx30mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470147060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-033900 Heat Shrink 39mmx30mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470160060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03320 Heat Shrink 3.2x0.55mmx1.22mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470161060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03480 Heat Shrink 4.8mmx1.22mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470162060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03640 Heat Shrink 6.4mmx1.22mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470163060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03950 Heat Shrink 9.5mmx1.22mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470164060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-031270 Heat Shrink 12.7mmx1.22mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470165060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-031900 Heat Shrink 19mmx1.22mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470166060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-032400 Heat Shrink 25.4mmx1.22mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470170060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03320 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 11mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470171060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03480 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 8mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470172060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03640 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 7mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470173060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-03950 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 6mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470174060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-031270 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 4mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470175060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-031900 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 3mYellow/Green Polyolefin
07470176060 Sleeving, BX-VJ-032400 Heat Shrink, in Dispenser Box 3mYellow/Green Polyolefin
08220006001 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mWhite PVC
08220006002 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mBlue PVC
08220006003 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mGreen PVC
08220006004 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mYellow PVC
08220006005 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mOrange PVC
08220006006 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mBrown PVC
08220006007 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mRed PVC
08220006008 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink Air Blown
14mmx100mBlack PVC
08220006011 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220006013 Sleeving, R8 Heat Shrink 14mmx100mGrey PVC
08220007001 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mWhite PVC
08220007002 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mBlue PVC
08220007003 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mGreen PVC
08220007004 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mYellow PVC
08220007005 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mOrange PVC
08220007006 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mBrown PVC
08220007007 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mRed PVC
08220007008 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink Air Blown
17mmx100mBlack PVC
08220007011 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220007013 Sleeving, R10 Heat Shrink 17mmx100mGrey PVC
08220008001 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mWhite PVC
08220008002 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mBlue PVC
08220008003 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mGreen PVC
08220008004 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mYellow PVC
08220008005 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mOrange PVC
08220008006 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mBrown PVC
08220008007 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mRed PVC
08220008008 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink Air Blown
20mmx100mBlack PVC
08220008011 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220008013 Sleeving, R13 Heat Shrink 20mmx100mGrey PVC
08220009001 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mWhite PVC
08220009002 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mBlue PVC
08220009003 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mGreen PVC
08220009004 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mYellow PVC
08220009005 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mOrange PVC
08220009006 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mBrown PVC
08220009007 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mRed PVC
08220009008 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink Air Blown
25mmx50mBlack PVC
08220009011 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mTransparent PVC
08220009013 Sleeving, R16 Heat Shrink 25mmx50mGrey PVC
08220010001 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mWhite PVC
08220010002 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mBlue PVC
08220010003 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mGreen PVC
08220010004 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mYellow PVC
08220010005 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mOrange PVC
08220010006 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mBrown PVC
08220010007 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mRed PVC
08220010008 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink Air Blown
31mmx50mBlack PVC
08220010011 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mTransparent PVC
08220010013 Sleeving, R20 Heat Shrink 31mmx50mGrey PVC
08220011001 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mWhite PVC
08220011002 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mBlue PVC
08220011003 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mGreen PVC
08220011004 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mYellow PVC
08220011005 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mOrange PVC
08220011006 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mBrown PVC
08220011007 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mRed PVC
08220011008 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink Air Blown
40mmx50mBlack PVC
08220011011 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mTransparent PVC
08220011013 Sleeving, R25 Heat Shrink 40mmx25mGrey PVC
08220021001 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mWhite PVC
08220021002 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mBlue PVC
08220021003 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mGreen PVC
08220021004 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mYellow PVC
08220021005 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mOrange PVC
08220021006 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mBrown PVC
08220021007 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mRed PVC
08220021008 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink Air Blown
2.5mmx100mBlack PVC
08220021011 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220021013 Sleeving, R1 Heat Shrink 2.5mmx100mGrey PVC
08220022001 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mWhite PVC
08220022002 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mBlue PVC
08220022003 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mGreen PVC
08220022004 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mYellow PVC
08220022005 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mOrange PVC
08220022006 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mBrown PVC
08220022007 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mRed PVC
08220022008 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink Air Blown
4mmx100mBlack PVC
08220022011 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220022013 Sleeving, R2 Heat Shrink 4mmx100mGrey PVC
08220023001 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mWhite PVC
08220023002 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mBlue PVC
08220023003 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mGreen PVC
08220023004 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mYellow PVC
08220023005 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mOrange PVC
08220023006 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mBrown PVC
08220023007 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mRed PVC
08220023008 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink Air Blown
6mmx100mBlack PVC
08220023011 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220023013 Sleeving, R3 Heat Shrink 6mmx100mGrey PVC
08220024001 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mWhite PVC
08220024002 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mBlue PVC
08220024003 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mGreen PVC
08220024004 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mYellow PVC
08220024005 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mOrange PVC
08220024006 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mBrown PVC
08220024007 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mRed PVC
08220024008 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink Air Blown
7mmx100mBlack PVC
08220024011 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220024013 Sleeving, R4 Heat Shrink 7mmx100mGrey PVC
08220025001 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mWhite PVC
08220025002 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mBlue PVC
08220025003 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mGreen PVC
08220025004 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mYellow PVC
08220025005 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mOrange PVC
08220025006 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mBrown PVC
08220025007 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mRed PVC
08220025008 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mViolet PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink Air Blown
11mmx100mBlack PVC
08220025011 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mTransparent PVC
08220025013 Sleeving, R6 Heat Shrink 11mmx100mGrey PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R35 Heat Shrink Air Blown
50mmx50mBlack PVC
08220026011 Sleeving, R35 Heat Shrink 50mmx25mTransparent PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R45 Heat Shrink Air Blown
65mmx50mBlack PVC
08220027011 Sleeving, R45 Heat Shrink 65mmx25mTransparent PVC
More Information Available
Sleeving, R60 Heat Shrink Air Blown
80mmx50mBlack PVC
08220028011 Sleeving, R60 Heat Shrink 80mmx20mTransparent PVC
08340001060 Sleeving, R2VJ Heat Shrink 4mmx50mYellow/Green PVC
08340002060 Sleeving, R3VJ Heat Shrink 6mmx50mYellow/Green PVC
08340003060 Sleeving, R4VJ Heat Shrink 7mmx50mYellow/Green PVC
08340004060 Sleeving, R6VJ Heat Shrink 11mmx25mYellow/Green PVC
08340005060 Sleeving, R8VJ Heat Shrink 14mmx25mYellow/Green PVC
08340006060 Sleeving, R10VJ Heat Shrink 17mmx25mYellow/Green PVC
08340007060 Sleeving, R13VJ Heat Shrink 20mmx25mYellow/Green PVC
08340008060 Sleeving, R16VJ Heat Shrink 25mmx25mYellow/Green PVC
08340009060 Sleeving, R20VJ Heat Shrink 31mmx25mYellow/Green PVC
08350001060 Sleeving, R2/25VJ Heat Shrink 25mmYellow/Green PVC
08350002060 Sleeving, R3/30VJ Heat Shrink 30mmYellow/Green PVC
08350003060 Sleeving, R4/30VJ Heat Shrink 30mmYellow/Green PVC
08350004060 Sleeving, R6/35VJ Heat Shrink 35mmYellow/Green PVC
08360001001 Sleeving, R3x5.5 Heat Shrink 28mmWhite PVC
08360001002 Sleeving, R3x5.5 Heat Shrink 28mmBlue PVC
08360001003 Sleeving, R3x5.5 Heat Shrink 28mmGreen PVC
08360001004 Sleeving, R3x5.5 Heat Shrink 28mmYellow PVC
08360001007 Sleeving, R3x5.5 Heat Shrink 28mmRed PVC
08360001010 Sleeving, R3x5.5 Heat Shrink 28mmBlack PVC
08360001011 Sleeving, R3x5.5 Heat Shrink 28mmTransparent PVC
08360002001 Sleeving, R4x6.5 Heat Shrink 32mmWhite PVC
08360002002 Sleeving, R4x6.5 Heat Shrink 32mmBlue PVC
08360002003 Sleeving, R4x6.5 Heat Shrink 32mmGreen PVC
08360002004 Sleeving, R4x6.5 Heat Shrink 32mmYellow PVC
08360002007 Sleeving, R4x6.5 Heat Shrink 32mmRed PVC
08360002010 Sleeving, R4x6.5 Heat Shrink 32mmBlack PVC
08360002011 Sleeving, R4x6.5 Heat Shrink 32mmTransparent PVC
08360003001 Sleeving, R2x3.8 Heat Shrink 25mmWhite PVC
08360003002 Sleeving, R2x3.8 Heat Shrink 25mmBlue PVC
08360003003 Sleeving, R2x3.8 Heat Shrink 25mmGreen PVC
08360003004 Sleeving, R2x3.8 Heat Shrink 25mmYellow PVC
08360003007 Sleeving, R2x3.8 Heat Shrink 25mmRed PVC
08360003010 Sleeving, R2x3.8 Heat Shrink 25mmBlack PVC
08360003011 Sleeving, R2x3.8 Heat Shrink 25mmTransparent PVC
MIBEX19P Contractor Pack, Heat Shrink Sleeving, 2xBlack Blue Brown Grey G/Yell 250mm
MIBEX25.4 Sleeving, Heat Shrink Contractor Packs, 2xBlack Blue Brown Grey 250mm

Established in 1920, SES Sterling has become market leaders within the cable management and warning label sector in most European countries. Our seven large manufacturing plants give the facility to offer one of the largest product ranges, which include: cable markers, cable fixings, slotted cable trunking, warning labels, braided sleeving, neoprene sleeves, heatshrink, tooling etc. - in fact everything required for cable management or identification.

SES Sterling has grown by offering their products ex-stock, which when combined with the level of customer service and support you would expect from such a respected manufacturer, allows their customers to relax in the knowledge that they have full availability of products when and where they want them.

SES Sterling understands the need to have a manufacturer/supplier that supports their customers’ needs and stand by their motto of "simply doing what we say" which offers transparency and ease with every order.

Whether you order from our 400+ page catalogue, via the website www.ses-sterling.com or with a full EDI link you will appreciate SES Sterling truly is the "one stop shop" for all your cable management products offering everything but the cable!