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Advanced Addressable Fire Panels Ancillaries

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
FPA-149 Module, RS232 Communication, for FP-031 & FP-032
FPA-150 Module, RS485 Communication
FPA-153 Printer, Internal for FP-032
FPA-155 Sounder, High Power Red Body c/w Whi VAD
FPA-156 Alarm, Visual Device High Power, Red Body White
FPA-161 Module, Hi-485 Communication
FPA-444 Lead, Interface, for Programming Morley-IAS Panel
FPA-447 Programmer Kit, Engineers Software, c/w Configuration Tools
FPA-448 Box, Battery for FP-030 & FP-031 Panels
FPA-449 Box, Battery for FP-032 Panels
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Card, Loop Driver Addressable Panel
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Card, Standard Network
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Printer, On Board Addressable Panel
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Assembly, Access Enable Keyswitch, For MX-4000 Panels Only
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Card, LED 20 Zone, For FP-051 Addressable Panel
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Card, LED 20 Zone, For FP-052/053/054 Panels
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Card, LED 50 Zone, For FP-052/053/054 Panels
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Card, LED 100 Zone, For FP-052/053/054 Panels
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Card, LED 200 Zone for FP-052/053/054
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Card, Relay Programmable 8 Way, For FP-052/053/054 Panel
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Card, Input Programmable 8 Way
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Card, Input/Output Shop Interface, For MxPro4 Panels Only
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Bezel, Semi-recessing, for MxPro4 1 Loop Panel
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Bezel, Semi-recessing, for MxPro4 2 & 4 Loop Panels
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Bezel, Semi-recessing, for MxPro4 8 Loop Panels
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Door Kit, for FP-052 & 052 Panels
FPA-571 Interface, Single Output Mains c/w Housing
FPA-602 Paper Roll, to Suit Hand-held Printer 58mm
FPA-607 Bezel, Recessing for FP-072
FPA-609 Card, Network for FP-073
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Card, Loop for FP-073
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Bezel, Semi-Recessing for FP-073
FPA-613 Bezel, Recessing for FPR-014
FPA-615 Printer, Remote BS232 Serial Link Hand Held
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Sensor, Optical Smoke
FPA-617 Sensor, Optical Smoke/Heat
FPA-618 Sensor, Optical Smoke/Heat c/w Sounder
FPA-619 Sensor, Optical Smoke/Heat c/w VAD
FPA-620 Sensor, Heat
FPA-621 Sensor, Heat & Sounder
FPA-622 Sensor, Optical Heat & Sounder Beacon
FPA-623 Base, Sensor
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Sensor, Beam Loop Powered
FPA-626 Bracket, Angled Beam Sensor c/w Base
FPA-627 Bracket, Parallel Beam Sensor c/w Base
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Call Point, Break Glass
FPA-628/COVER Protection Cover, for FPA-628 Break Glass Call Point
FPA-628/KEY Key, Single for FPA-628 Call Point
More Information Available
Sounder, Electronic c/w Isolator IP66
FPA-633 Sounder, Electronic Low Profile Red
More Information Available
Sounder, Electronic c/w VAD
FPA-635 Sounder & Beacon, Electronic c/w VAD IP66 Red
More Information Available
Interface, Single Output Mains c/w Housing
FPA-637 Interface, Single Output Mains, c/w DIN Rail Mounting Kit
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PCB, Single Input Low Voltage
FPA-639 PCB, Single Output Low Voltage
FPA-640 PCB, Output Interface
FPA-641 Interface, Low Voltage c/w Housing
FPA-642 Interface, Mains c/w 2x12V 2.1Ah Batteries 1.5A
FPA-644 Housing, 1 Sentri Interface
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Housing, 1 Sentri Interface
FPA-646 Mounting Kit, DIN Rail
FPA-647 Housing, Surface Mounted
FPA-675 Box, Back for Break Glass Call Point
FPA-751 Lead, Duonet/Quadnet USB, for Commissioning
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Card, Loop for FP-083
More Information Available
Card, Network for FP-083
FPA-758 Card, Input/Output for FP-083
FPA-759 Bezel, Recessing for FP-083
FPA-1023 Sounder, Stand-alone 90dBAWhite
FPA-1025 Sounder, Stand-alone 90dBARed
FPA-1027 Sounder, Stand-alone Hipoint, Horn IP55 87dBARed
FPA-1041 Module, Input/Output Loop 148x88x44mm
FPA-1042 Module, Conventional Zone 148x88x44mm
FPA-1054 Sounder, Stand-alone Low Profile 88dBARed
FPA-1055 Sounder, Stand-alone Deep Base 88dBARed

Orbik currently employs around 200 people in its purpose-built four acre factory in Aldridge in the West Midlands, undertaking state-of-the-art in-house production, precision metal engineering and powder coating facilities.

Orbik Factory

Orbik was established in 1982, initially supplying control gear to lighting companies across the UK and quickly developed into a respected manufacturer of high quality lighting and emergency lighting products.

Constant sales growth allowed the company to expand and before long, Orbik became a reputable name across Europe and the Middle East.

Continual product development created an increased demand for metal work and in 1993 Orbik acquired Metalforms Engineering, a quality highly automated manufacturer of precision sheet metalwork. Metalforms’ modern manufacturing site covers 30,000 square feet and includes in-house powder coating and wet spray facilities.

Orbik Factory Birds-Eye View

In 2001, SPEL was formed to specifically target the electrical wholesale industry with the supply of emergency lighting products. In 2007 SPEL was fully integrated into the Orbik group and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. This has allowed the Orbik brand to increase its presence in the UK market and has grown to offer a comprehensive range of lighting, fire and safety products.

Throughout their history, Orbik have always been at the forefront in the innovation and design of safety equipment and have been enthusiastic supporters of improving quality standards within the industry. Today Orbik has over 400 products approved by BSI, proudly carrying the Kitemark symbol and are represented on the technical committees of BSI, ICEL, and the LIA.

BSI Kitemark

By identifying and responding to individual customers’ specific requirements, Orbik have become the first choice to many leading International lighting companies, UK original equipment manufacturers and electrical wholesalers.

To ensure they maintain their competitive advantage, Orbik have invested heavily in automatic assembly processes, allowing them to offer their renowned World class standards and a flexible, efficient supply of quality products.

Orbik’s flexibility towards customer needs have enabled their products to be included in many prestigious installations throughout the UK and overseas over the years. An already extensive lighting range has been considerably increased to include LED mains and emergency lighting, as well as a range of products which can include DALI, dimmable and microwave presence detector applications as options.

Orbik Display Stand

In 2005 Orbik made its first move into the fire detection and safety systems market and is now a major stockist of fire alarm and specialist safety equipment to suit a variety of applications. Orbik are now major stockists of some of the largest fire brands in the World and have developed a highly trained UK sales team to support the design, supply, commissioning and service of the product range.

At Orbik, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services by continually monitoring current market trends.

Through continuous investment in new products, staff development and the latest technology, we are committed to offering a professional business solution to a rapidly expanding and demanding market place.

BSI Certificate of Registration

Orbik Electronics Ltd Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--xtOEUaTUQ