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DART Jigsaw Blades

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
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Blade, T101B Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
10TPI 75mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T101D Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
6TPI 75mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T101BR Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
10TPI 75mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T111C Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
8TPI 75mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T101AO Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
20TPI 50mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T144D Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
6PTI 75mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T119D Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
6PTIChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T119BO Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
6PTIChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T301CD Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
8PTIChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T244D Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
6tpi 75mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T344D Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
6tpi 120mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T301DL Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
6tpi 105mmChrome Vanadium
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Blade, T118A Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
21TPI 50mmHSS
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Blade, T118B Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
13TPI 50mmHSS
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Blade, T318A Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
21TPI 100mmHSS
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Blade, T127D Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
8TPI 75mmHSS
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Blade, T118AF Wood Cutting Jigsaw, Pk=5
21TPI 50mmBi-Metal

DART delivers a portfolio of power tool accessory products that offers exceptional quality at an affordable price, making DART a ‘serious alternative’ to other leading brands. All DART’s products have been carefully researched and selected and offer an unrivalled range of high performance, great-value professional equipment for all trades.

Established close to a decade ago, DART has grown year on year, taking the industry by storm. The business is an independent company run by a proactive board of directors with a team consisting of industry experts who really understand how power tool accessories are used.

DART’s products are designed for better functionality and engineered for a longer life – achieved by combining high quality raw materials with manufacturing expertise, pushing DART ahead of many brands.

The accessories in the core range include the flagship products such as the Premium Cobalt Bi-Metal Holesaws, Ground Twist Drills, Auger Bits, Flat Bits, SDS Hammer Drills and TCT Saw Blades. Amongst the more innovative products include the unique Double Magnetic Holder and the Angle Drivers, while a growing range is the Impact Driver Bits, which have become renowned for their durability and long life. Under the DART master brand is the Red Ten Diamond Blades and cores brand, which are manufactured to the highest standards and are synonymous with quality, performance and integrity. Included in this range is also the popular and unique Mini Diamond Porcelain Drill which has a proven track record of high speed, continuous multiple hole-cutting.

Other sub brands in the DART range of accessories is NailMaster – offering 1st Fix and 2nd Fix Nails and Gas, while Handmax is a comprehensive range of PPE gloves, tailored for multiple applications with the construction industries.

DART’s power tool accessories are designed precisely for performance. Engineered precisely for exceptional lifetime value, and backed by a service that’s precision-tuned to meet your needs. That’s what makes DART the right choice for thousands of users and resellers globally…