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STRATUM 200/400

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
5SW1200 Enclosure, Surface 4 Module IP54 Insulated
5SW3004 Enclosure, Surface 2 Module IP40 Insulated
5SW3005 Enclosure, Surface 4 Module IP40 Insulated
5TE1345 Switch, On/Off 3P 200A
5TE1445 Switch, On/Off 4P 200A
5TE4800 Pushbutton, 1 Module 1NO&1NC 20AGrey
5TE4820 Pushbutton, Illuminated 1 Module 1NO 1NC, c/w Red Lamp 20A
5TE4821 Pushbutton, Illuminated 1 Module 1NC, c/w Red Lamp 20A
5TE5800 Indicator, Red Lamp for Pushbutton 230V
5TG8062 Lens, Replacement for 5TE5 Indicator
5TT3181 Switch, Time On-Delay Timer 1 Module 0.25 To 640sec
5TT3184 Switch, Time Off-Delay Timer 1 Module 0.5 To 10sec 5A