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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
8WA746 Bracket, Angle for Mounting Rail
8WA1204 Terminal, Single Through Type 16mm2
8WA1205 Terminal, Single Through Type 35mm2
8WA1206 Terminal, Single Through Type 70mm2
8WA1216 Link, for 2 Terminals
8WA1304 Terminal, (Block of Three) Through Type 16mm2
8WA1305 Terminal, (Block of Three) Through Type 35mm2
8WA1802 Link, for 10 Terminals
8WA1803 Link, for 3 Terminals
8WA1804 Link, for 10 Terminals
8WA1806 Holder, End Label 21x42mm
8WA1808 Retainer, End 10mm
8WA1810 Cover, c/w Warning Arrow
8WA1811 Cover, c/w Warning Arrow
8WA1812 Cover, c/w Warning Arrow
8WA1813 Cover, c/w Warning Arrow
8WA1814 Cover, c/w Warning Arrow
8WA1817 Plate, End
8WA1820 Barrier, Intermediate
8WA1821 Barrier, Intermediate
8WA1823 Barrier, Intermediate
8WA1824 Barrier, Intermediate
8WA1825 Plate, Insulated
8WA1838 Link, for 10 Terminals
8WA1842 Link, for 2 Terminals
8WA1845 Link, for 3 Terminals
8WA1848 Link, for 4 Terminals
8WA1850 Link, for 2 Terminals
8WA1851 Link, for 3 Terminals
8WA1852 Link, for 4 Terminals
8WA1853 Link, for 10 Terminals
8WA1854 Socket, Test 10A
8WA1857 Support, Insulated
8WA1860 Cover, for Inscribing White
8WA1862 Cover, for Inscribing White
8WA1865 Crossover, Contact
8WA1868 Plug, Test 10ARed
8WA1871 Plug, Reduction 10A
8WA1888 Link, for 10 Terminals
8WA2842 Busbar 3x10mm
8WA2868 Terminal, Ground Connection 25mm2
8WA7553 Adaptor, Terminal for G Mounting Rail