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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
GNSB06-B MCB, SP Type B 6A 6kA
GNSB06-C MCB, SP Type C 6A 6kA
GNSB06-D MCB, SP Type D 6A 6kA
GNSB10-B MCB, SP Type B 10A 6kA
GNSB10-D MCB, SP Type D 10A 6kA
GNSB16-B MCB, SP Type B 16A 6kA
GNSB16-D MCB, SP Type D 16A 6kA
GNSB20-D MCB, SP Type D 20A 6kA
GNSB32-D MCB, SP Type D 32A 6kA
GNSB40-D MCB, SP Type D 40A 6kA
GNSB50-B MCB, SP Type B 50A 6kA
GNSB50-C MCB, SP Type C 50A 6kA
GNSB50-D MCB, SP Type D 50A 6kA
GNSB63-C MCB, SP Type C 63A 6kA
GNSB63-D MCB, SP Type D 63A 6kA
GNSB306-B MCB, TP Type B 6A 6kA
GNSB306-C MCB, TP Type C 6A 6kA
GNSB306-D MCB, TP Type D 6A 6kA
GNSB310-B MCB, TP Type B 10A 6kA
GNSB310-C MCB, TP Type C 10A 6kA
GNSB310-D MCB, TP Type D 10A 6kA
GNSB316-B MCB, TP Type B 16A 6kA
GNSB316-C MCB, TP Type C 16A 6kA
GNSB316-D MCB, TP Type D 16A 6kA
GNSB320-B MCB, TP Type B 20A 6kA
GNSB320-D MCB, TP Type D 20A 6kA
GNSB332-B MCB, TP Type B 32A 6kA
GNSB332-C MCB, TP Type C 32A 6kA
GNSB332-D MCB, TP Type D 32A 6kA
GNSB340-B MCB, TP Type B 40A 6kA
GNSB340-C MCB, TP Type C 40A 6kA
GNSB340-D MCB, TP Type D 40A 6kA
GNSB350-B MCB, TP Type B 50A 6kA
GNSB350-C MCB, TP Type C 50A 6kA
GNSB350-D MCB, TP Type D 50A 6kA
GNSB363-B MCB, TP Type B 63A 6kA
GNSB363-C MCB, TP Type C 63A 6kA
GNSB363-D MCB, TP Type D 63A 6kA

Company Profile

The clear market leader in residential circuit protection, with the largest range of consumer units and RCDs in the UK. This gives designers and installers the flexibility to create an almost infinite variety of systems, tailored to individual applications and blending with any surroundings. Easy nationwide availability adds to convenience whenever Wylex is specified