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Micronet System

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
LIB4485 Convertor, To Connect PC to NCP, Converter To Connect
MNS3 Sensor, Micronet System, Room Sensor Set point Adjustment
MNVSCORE Software, Configuration Tool, Visisat
URC41N100 Controller, Fan On/Off
URC41N101 Controller, Fan On/Off
URC41N102 Heater, Electric
URC41N103 Controller, Fan Air Side
URC51N100 Controller, Fan 3 Speed
URC51N101 Controller, Fan 3 Speed
URC51N102 Controller, Fan 3 Speed
URC51N103 Controller, Fan 3 Speed
URCIR100 Program, Tool System IR/RS 232
URCSET100 Software, Configuration