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Service Pods

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
WPPO0010 Base Unit, WallPod
WPPO0020 Base Unit, WallPod Deep
WPPO0030 Pod, WallPod Socket 13A
WPPO0040 Pod, WallPod European 2 Pin Socket
WPPO0041 Pod, WallPod 2 Pin Schuko Socket
WPPO0050 Pod, WallPod Socket 16A
WPPO0060 Pod, WallPod Socket 16A 110V
WPPO0070 Pod, WallPod Socket 32A
WPPO0080 Pod, WallPod RCBO 10A
WPPO0090 Pod, WallPod RCBO 16A
WPPO0100 Pod, WallPod RCBO 32A
WPPO0110 Pod, WallPod kWh Meter
WPPO0120 Pod, WallPod RCBO & kWh Meter 10A
WPPO0130 Pod, WallPod RCBO & kWh Meter 16A
WPPO0140 Pod, WallPod RCBO & kWh Meter 32A
WPPO0150 Pod, WallPod Time Clock
WPPO0160 Pod, WallPod RCBO & Time Clock 10A
WPPO0170 Pod, WallPod RCBO & Time Clock 16A
WPPO0180 Pod, WallPod MCB & RCD 10A 30mA
WPPO0190 Pod, WallPod MCB & RCD 16A 30mA
WPPO0200 Pod, WallPod MCB & RCD 32A 30mA
WPPO0210 Pod, WallPod TV Point
WPPO0220 Pod, WallPod Telephone Point
WPPO0230 Pod, WallPod TV & Telephone Point
WPPO0240 Pod, WallPod 1/2in Water Tap
WPPO0250 Pod, WallPod Direct Air Connection
More Information Available
Lock, DoorPod for Wallpod
WPPO0270 Badge, WallPod Bespoke Corporate
WPPO0280 Pod, WallPod Blank
WPPO0290 Pod, WallPod Switchgear Door
WPPO0300 Pod, WallPod Socket Door
More Information Available
Bezel, for Wallpod
WPPO0320 Pod, WallPod Socket IP67 16A
WPPO0330 Pod, WallPod Socket IP67 32A
WPPO0340 Pod, WallPod 2 Pole Electrical Isolator 100A
WPPO0350 Pod, WallPod Key-Switch Control 20A
WPPO0360 Pod, WallPod Key-Switch Control 32A
WPPO0370 Pod, WallPod Lockable Socket 16A
WPPO0380 Pod, WallPod Lockable Socket 32A
WPPO0390 Pod, WallPod RCBO kWh Meter Time Clock

Rolec Services Ltd

Rolec Services Ltd, of Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, is one of the world’s leading specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of both outdoor and indoor electrical connection, charging, hook-up and distribution equipment.

Established in 1990 and presently employing approximately 100 personnel in our new purpose-built office / showroom / warehouse / factory complex, Rolec’s product range is now regarded as the largest and most extensive of its kind in the electrical industry and continues to grow via its distribution network of representatives in over 40 countries around the world.

Our company mission statement of “Quality, Reliability and Innovation” applies to all of our divisions and our extensive client list continues to grow - with many of the world’s leading companies relying on our products and services.

Rolec - EV

Rolec EV

Rolec EV is a division of Rolec Services Ltd., specialising over the past 7 years in the design, manufacture and supply of the largest and most comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging pedestals, wall units and stations in Europe. Our EV and PHEV charging products are compatible with all electric vehicles manufactured today and have been certificated by many of the world’s leading EV manufacturers - including Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, etc.

We hold Europe’s largest stocks of EV charging equipment and accessories and have manufactured over 30,000 charging points to date, many of which have been branded to suit corporate client requirements. We have provided EV charging solutions for Jaguar LandRover, BMW, Porsche, Tesco, Airbus, Sony, the NHS and Emergency Services, DFS, ATS, Hilton Hotels and Gatwick Airport, to name but a few.

Rolec - Power Solutions

Rolec Power Solutions

Rolec Power Solutions provides a comprehensive range of robust, reliable and cost-effective electrical panels, pedestals cubes and units ideal for both permanent and temporary electrical installations.

The Power Solutions product range is available in ‘off the shelf’ as well as ‘manufactured to specification’ formats.

Rolec - Leisure Services

Rolec Leisure

Rolec Leisure Services has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of electrical hook-up units and pedestals, distribution panels and site lighting.

With over 20 years’ experience and the largest range of hook-up equipment in Europe, Rolec Leisure has a product to suit every application.