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Low Consumption Electric Radiators Kyros Series

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
KRI0330RAD3 Radiator, Electric 3 Elements 330W 230V 580x350x98mmWhite
KRI0550RAD3 Radiator, Electric 3 Elements 550W 230V 580x520x98mmWhite
KRI0770RAD3 Radiator, Electric 7 Elements 770W 230V 580x680x98mmWhite
KRI0990RAD3 Radiator, Electric 9 Elements 990W 230V 580x840x98mmWhite
KRI1100RADC3 Radiator, Electric 11 Elements 1100W 230V 420x1010x98mmWhite
KRI1210RAD3 Radiator, Electric 11 Elements 1210W 230V 580x1010x98mmWhite
KRI1300RADC3 Radiator, Electric 13 Elements 1300W 230V 420x1180x98mmWhite
KRI1430RAD3 Radiator, Electric 13 Elements 1430W 230V 580x1180x98mmWhite
KRI1500RADC3 Radiator, Electric 15 Elements 1500W 230V 420x1330x98mmWhite
KRI1600RAD3 Radiator, Electric 15 Elements 1600W 230V 580x1330x98mmWhite

Rointe has been one of Europe’s leading electric heating and domestic hot water manufacturers for over 30 years with a clear philosophy committed to innovation and quality.

Our commitment is to give customers quality products which are more technologically advanced than any other heating product on the market.

We set the benchmark for others to try to reach but we keep raising it by offering the most innovative, sustainable and intelligent products in the heating market.

Visit our website to see the latest release from Rointe - The ground-breaking D series range of products. Unlike other heating products ours are the only ones on the market which have WI-FI built inside so there is no need for gateways or intermediary devices. Simply plug them in and connect with the Rointe Connect App and you can then control them whenever you want and from wherever you are in the world via the WIFI connection.

Rointe – Always one step ahead of the competition.

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