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IT Enclosure Systems/Housings (DK)

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
5501855 Plate, Air Baffle for TS-IT, c/w Assembly Parts 600x1200mmRAL 9005
5501865 Plate, Air Baffle for TS-IT, c/w Assembly Parts 800x1200mmRAL 9005
5501875 Plate, Air Baffle for TS-IT, c/w Assembly Parts 600x1800mmRAL 9005
5501885 Plate, Air Baffle for TS-IT, c/w Assembly Parts 800x1800mmRAL 9005
5501900 Box, Small Equipment Shielded 427x170x400mmRAL 9005
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Enclosure, FlatBox 6U
600x358x400mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 9U
600x492x400mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 12U
600x625x400mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 15U
600x758x400mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 6U
600x358x600mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 9U
600x492x600mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 12U
600x625x600mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 15U
700x758x700mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 18U
700x892x700mmRAL 7035
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Enclosure, FlatBox 21U
700x1025x700mmRAL 7035
7888950 Cable Tidy, DK Sheet Steel

Rittal Limited, headquartered in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, is the U.K. subsidiary of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG which is the largest company in the Friedhelm Loh Group and the leading supplier of housing and enclosure systems. Its parent company, Rittal, was started in Germany in 1961 and has grown to include offices in over 70 countries and manufacturing facilities on all continents.

Built on a tradition of innovation, Rittal takes pride in a progressive approach to engineering comprehensive and effective solutions that support customers in pursuit of their goals. From a pioneering role in modular enclosure technologies and collaboration in developing what has become the standard 19" server rack for the IT industry to the use of nanotechnology that drastically improves the efficiency of industrial climate control products, Rittal has a proven track record of meeting the challenges faced by its customers.

Enclosure systems which satisfy even the highest demands in practical use are one of Rittal’s hallmarks. For every application the ideal enclosure, the ultimate IT housing or the most appropriate electronic packaging concept is available. High performance power distribution components, perfectly tuned climate control units and robust outdoor solutions round off the most unique all-embracing enclosure range from a global player in the business of innovation. With over 6000 standard products immediately available an answer can be found for almost every application.

Rittal have developed a system concept which provides an intelligent modular infrastructure from a single source. Enclosure technology, power distribution, system climate control and electronics through to IT technology, together with engineering tools that have been purposely designed for efficient planning processes are pivotal to this concept.

Based on the Rittal TS 8 enclosure system platform, with their comprehensive range of accessories, allows numerous advantages which include flexibility, quick and simple assembly, minimal warehousing, fast availability and high quality. Ensuring optimised interaction between all components, efficient engineering also offers enormous savings potential throughout the machinery and plant planning process, thanks in part to free CAD data from the RiCAD 3D components library for fast mechanical planning.

Rittal is the world’s leading supplier of future-orientated enclosure technologies with all relevant national and international certifications and approvals. Sophisticated design, perfect ergonomics and handling, and the ability to offer solutions precisely tailored to individual needs are Rittal strengths which can be relied and built upon. Alongside comprehensive product certification to international standards is the accreditation of our quality laboratory by the German Accreditation Council (DAR) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the Rittal quality system is implemented internationally and certified worldwide by DQS.

Consistent quality management is able to guarantee permanent enhancement of the products, services and internal processes. Rittal customers benefit from constant high quality standards, perfect satisfaction of their expectations and the opportunity for unrestricted utilisation of all products worldwide. In addition software solutions, such as the latest Version of Rittal Power Engineering, support the fast, safe configuration of power distribution systems, while Rittal’s Therm facilitates the energy-efficient dimensioning of cooling equipment technology.