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LED Link Lights

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
RKL004A0101 Link Light, LED IP20 3.5W 250lm 90Deg 300x30x8mm3000K
RKL004A0102 Link Light, LED IP20 3.5W 250lm 90Deg 300x30x8mm4000K
RKL007A0101 Link Light, LED IP20 6.5W 450lm 90Deg 500x30x8mm3000K
RKL007A0102 Link Light, LED IP20 6.5W 450lm 90Deg 500x30x8mm4000K
RKLA-CB-01 Link Lead 1m
RKLA-CB-02 Link Lead 2m
RKLA-CC-01 Connector, Right Angle
RKLA-DM-02 Dimmer Switch, Smooth 48W
RKLA-DM-03 Dimmer Switch, Wired 48W
RKLA-PRS-01 Sensor, PIR 1-5min Time Delay
RKLPS024A PSU, Link Light 24W 240V
RKLPS048A PSU, Link Light 48W 240V


Founded in 2005, ReneSola (NYSE:SOL) is a leading provider of energy efficient technology products and fully integrated solar project developer. Leveraging our global presence with offices and warehouses in more than 20 countries and expansive production facilities and sales network, ReneSola is well positioned to provide the highest quality services and products globally.

Renesola UK Ltd was established in 2013 and we are focused on providing the best local support to promote our brand in the UK market. We are also continually developing new product lines to provide additional value to our portfolio of energy efficient products. Our customers trust ReneSola to be a safe, long-term investment and a premium partner.