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RCDs & Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
25/4/30 RCD, 4P 25A 30mA
25/4/100 RCD, 4P 25A 100mA
40/4/30 RCD, 4P 40A 30mA
40/4/100 RCD, 4P 40A 100mA
63/4/30 RCD, 4P 63A 30mA
63/4/100 RCD, 4P 63A 100mA
80/4/30 RCD, 4P 80A 30mA
80/4/100 RCD, 4P 80A 100mA
100/4/30 RCD, 4P 100A 30mA
100/4/100 RCD, 4P 100A 100mA
100/4/300 RCD, 4P 100A 300mA

Proteus are committed to bringing our customers solutions for power distribution and energy efficiency, whilst focusing on the manufacture of switchgear products specifically designed to offer reliability from ‘plant room to plug top’.

With many years of experience in Power & Distribution, we can help you make your energy use and distribution systems safer in order to protect your people, assets and business. Our comprehensive array of electrical distribution products, technologies and services, allows architects and facility owners a flexible approach to their electrical distribution needs.

With considerable stock within our UK based factory and 800 distributors worldwide, we are ready and able to satisfy all of your power distribution needs.

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Distribution board

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

MCCB Panelboard

Switchfuse 63A