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Ventilation Ducting & Fittings

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
90021001 Duct, Rectangular 1mWhite
90021007 Connector, Rectangular Duct White
90021025 Bend, Adaptor 100mm ID White
90021031 Bend, Adaptor 100mm O/D White
90021037 Bend, 90Deg Horizontal White
90021043 Bend, 90Deg Vertical White
90021049 Adaptor, Round To Rectangular Standard White
90021055 Adaptor, Round To Rectangular Short White
90021061 Clip, Rectangular Duct White
90021067 Clip, Round Hose
90021073 Tape, Duct Sealing 50mmx4.6mPVC White
90021079 Hose, Flexible Rectangular 3mPVC White
90021085 Hose, Flexible Rectangular 0.5mPVC White
90021091 Hose, Flexible Round 100mmx3mPVC White
90021097 Hose, Flexible Round 100mmx1mPVC White
90021103 Connector, Round Hose PVC White
90021109 Connector, Flexible Rectangular Hose PVC White
90021217 Connector, O/D Threaded White
90021224 Connector, ID Threaded White
90021273 Reducer, Round 125x100mmWhite
90021280 Pipe, Rigid 350mmPVC White
90021516 Venting Kit, Economy Tumble Drier Rectangular White
90021529 Connector, Majicon Tumble Drier