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Accessories for Regumaq XH

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
1381047 Circulator, Set Potable Water Regumaq XH
1381049 Circulator, Set Potable Water Regumaq XH, w/o Pump or Time Switch
1381082 Control Kit, K2 for Cntrl of 2 Regumaq Stations 60Ltr/min
1381083 Control Kit, K3 for Cntrl of 3 Regumaq Stations 90Ltr/min
1381084 Control Kit, K4 for Cntrl of 4 Regumaq Stations 120Ltr/min
1389082 Connection Kit, Regumaq K, G 1.1/4xG1 Collar Nut

LuckinsLive Media Pack