NVC Lighting Ltd
NVC Park 301
Hollymoor Way
B 31 5HE

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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
NWE81LED/49/AB1/740 Lantern, Street 49LED AB1 Optic 81W
NWE106LED/49/AB1/740 Lantern, Street 49LED AB1 Optic 106W
NWE121LED/49/AB1/745 Lantern, Street 49LED AB1 Optic 121W
NWE122LED/75/B1/740 Lantern, Street 49LED B1 Optic 122W
NWE138LED/49/AB1/745 Lantern, Street 49LED AB1 Optic 138W
NWE162LED/75/B1/740 Lantern, Street 49LED B1 Optic 162W
NWE192LED/75/B1/745 Lantern, Street 49LED B1 Optic 192W
NWE214LED/75/B1/745 Lantern, Street 49LED B1 Optic 214W
NWE238LED/75/B1/745 Lantern, Street 49LED B1 Optic 238W

Investing to serve you better

Since NVC came to the UK market in the spring of 2009 we have enjoyed consistent, strong growth. This is thanks to the support that you, our customers have given us, so we are repaying that support in two important ways.

First, we know how much our customers value quick service, so we have doubled the size of our premises to 91,000ft2. We can now hold more stock and, for those customers for whom tomorrow isn’t quick enough, we can now offer an improved collections facility.

Second, we are continuing to expand our product range, as you will see from this catalogue. In some areas we have deepened the range of existing products, offering more options and accessories. In other areas we have added complete new products and product categories, such as modular wiring.

However, the biggest single change is the increasing range of LED products, for which we now have a dedicated catalogue section.

Finally, we want you to know that we are proud of what we do and how we do it. Our new premises have extensive meeting facilities and these are available for you to use for meetings, seminars or training sessions. We invite you to make use of them, and get to know us better at the same time.

We look forward to seeing you soon.