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Steel Adaptable Boxes

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
ABB331 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 75x75x37.5mmSteel Black
ABB332 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 75x75x50mmSteel Black
ABB333 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 75x75x75mmSteel Black
ABB441 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 100x100x37.5mmSteel Black
ABB442 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 100x100x50mmSteel Black
ABB443 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 100x100x75mmSteel Black
ABB632 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 150x75x50mmSteel Black
ABB642 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 150x100x50mmSteel Black
ABB643 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 150x100x75mmSteel Black
ABB662 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 150x150x50mmSteel Black
ABB663 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 150x150x75mmSteel Black
ABB664 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 150x150x100mmSteel Black
ABB963 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 225x150x75mmSteel Black
ABB964 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 225x150x100mmSteel Black
ABB993 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 225x225x75mmSteel Black
ABB994 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 225x225x100mmSteel Black
ABB996 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 225x225x150mmSteel Black
ABB12124 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 300x300x100mmSteel Black
ABB12126 Adaptable Box, c/w Knockouts 300x300x150mmSteel Black
ABG222 Adaptable Box, Plain 50x50x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG331 Adaptable Box, Plain 75x75x37.5mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG332 Adaptable Box, Plain 75x75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG333 Adaptable Box, Plain 75x75x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG432 Adaptable Box, Plain 100x75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG441 Adaptable Box, Plain 100x100x37.5mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG442 Adaptable Box, Plain 100x100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG443 Adaptable Box, Plain 100x100x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG444 Adaptable Box, Plain 100x100x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG632 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x75x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG642 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x100x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG643 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x100x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG644 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x100x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG661 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x150x37.5mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG662 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG663 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x150x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG664 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x150x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG666 Adaptable Box, Plain 150x150x150mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG962 Adaptable Box, Plain 225x150x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG963 Adaptable Box, Plain 225x150x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG964 Adaptable Box, Plain 225x150x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG992 Adaptable Box, Plain 225x225x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG993 Adaptable Box, Plain 225x225x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG994 Adaptable Box, Plain 225x225x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG996 Adaptable Box, Plain 225x225x150mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG1263 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x150x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG1264 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x150x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG1293 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x225x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG1294 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x225x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG1296 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x225x150mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG12122 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x300x50mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG12123 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x300x75mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG12124 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x300x100mmSteel Pre-Galvanised
ABG12126 Adaptable Box, Plain 300x300x150mmSteel Pre-Galvanised

Niglon Head Office, Solihull

A leading supplier of electrical accessories and components, Niglon has a constantly evolving product range, which currently includes more than 4000 individual items across six categories: circuit protection, wiring accessories, industrial accessories, cable management, commercial lighting and fixing & tools.

Trusted Supplier

Niglon has supplied the electrical contracting sector exclusively through the wholesale channel for more than 50 years. Based in Solihull, West Midlands, the company remains an independently-operated family business, with current managing director, Simon Hinley, building on the legacy of its founder, John Hinley. A dynamic and ambitious company, Niglon combines traditional, service-led family business values with a commitment to innovation and a pioneering approach to developing new products that offer both quality and value.

Niglon has recently implemented a five year growth programme, facilitated by the construction of a purpose-built sales office and warehousing site adjacent to its former Solihull offices. The new premises have tripled Niglon’s stock holding capacity to ensure excellent levels of stock availability for customers and enable the company to continue extending its product range. The new offices have also seen an investment in creating a showroom and demonstration suite for customer presentations and new workflow systems to enhance customer service levels and aid efficiency.

In the warehouse, lean management processes, high bay racking, advanced equipment and an investment in order picking and processing technology have all ensured that Niglon is more efficient and service-driven than ever. The company’s operations are scalable to underpin continued service excellence and competitive pricing as Niglon continues to grow and extend its product range.

Niglon Head Office, Solihull

Service Driven

Niglon’s one-stop-shop approach to supplying the electrical contracting market through the wholesale channel has helped the company to become a trusted name in the electrical sector for quality, service and value. The variety in the Niglon range means that wholesalers can source a huge range of products with a single order, a single shipment and rapid delivery, enabling them to maximise stock holding capacity and cash flow, while offering prompt fulfilment for customers. A company with large-scale capabilities and a personalised approach to service from a small team, Niglon offers customers complete accountability from named customer service representatives.

Niglon. For all your electrical essentials.

Meanwhile, contractors can depend on Niglon as a trusted and well-established brand offering attractive pricing and wide-ranging choice exclusively for the trade, with the highest standards of quality, compliance, aesthetics and functionality.

Market Focused

Niglon continues to build on its heritage as a market-focused supplier, constantly listening to its customers to bring them the products they need at the right price. Recent additions to the company’s portfolio include the launch of more than 500 wiring accessory products across seven new ranges, encompassing everything from premium finishes and modular accessories to utilitarian metal clad and IP66/55 sockets and switches. LED Floodlights, IP rated connectors and a new range of mains isolators have also recently been added to the company’s range.

Over 600 Products Across 8 Different Ranges

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