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LEDA 600 Spectrum

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Interface, Optional Interface for, LEDA600 Spectrum
230V AC
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Mounting, Pole & Foot for, LEDA600 Spectrum
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Collar, Flotation for E-Flare Beacons
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Cup, Suction for E-Flare Beacons
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Hood, Daylight for E-Flare Beacons
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Bag, Carry for E-Flare Beacons
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Beacon, Tri Colour LED c/w Sounder, IP 65/66/67
24V DC/230V ACPolycarbonate
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Beacon, Tri Colour LED c/w Sounder, IP 65/66/67
24V DC/115V ACPolycarbonate


Moflash Signalling is the largest independent manufacturer of signalling devices in the UK.

The company produces the following types of devices: LED and Xenon Beacons, as well as the traditional Rotating Beacons for which Moflash is world famous. On the acoustic side of the business, the company offers Buzzers, Hooters including the iconic Klaxet and ES, Bells, Electronic Sounders, Air Horns and Piezo devices for the following markets: Industrial Signalling, Process Control, Status Indication, Fire and Security, Hazardous Location, Obstruction Marking, Safety and Protection, Marine and Automotive.

Moflash serves a diverse range of customers from electrical wholesalers/contractors to global distribution organisations, original equipment manufacturers and a variety of end users such as mining, manufacturing, electrical and gas utilities, to name but a few.

With its programme of development, Moflash is in a strong position to keep meeting the increasing demands of a safety conscious world. With a dedicated team based in the UK and through the excellent relationships via local distributors and partners Moflash can successfully promote and sell its product range to over 70 countries worldwide.