Moeller Electric
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M 24 1GQ

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Enclosed Devices

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
ENCCB/100/3 MCCB, 70012068 TP LZMB1 Enclosed 100A
ENCCB/160/3 MCCB, 70012069 TP LZMB1 Enclosed 160A
ENCCB/200/3 MCCB, 70012070 TP LZMB2 Enclosed 200A
ENCCB/250/3 MCCB, 70011876 TP LZMN2 Enclosed 250A
ENCCB/400/3 MCCB, 70011878 TP LZMN3 Enclosed 400A
ENCCB/630/3 MCCB, 70012083 TP LZMN3 Enclosed 630A
ENCCB/800/3 MCCB, 70012084 TP LZMN4 Enclosed 800A
ENCSWF/20TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 20A
ENCSWF/32TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 32A
ENCSWF/63TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 63A
ENCSWF/100TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 100A
ENCSWF/160TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 160A
ENCSWF/200TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 200A
ENCSWF/250TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 250A
ENCSWF/400TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 400A
ENCSWF/630TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 630A
ENCSWF/800TPN Switchfuse, Enclosed TP&N IP55 800A
FGISW-20/3 Main Switch, Triple Pole 20AMetal
FGISW-32/3 Main Switch, Triple Pole 32AMetal
FGISW-63/3 Main Switch, Triple Pole 63AMetal
FGISW-100/3 Main Switch, Triple Pole 100AMetal
FGISW-160/3 Main Switch, Triple Pole 160AMetal
FGLCB1-100/3 MCCB, 78635956 TP 100AMetal
FGSWF-20 Fuse, 3 Pole 20AMetal
FGSWF-32 Fuse, 3 Pole 32AMetal
FGSWF-63 Fuse, 3 Pole 63AMetal
FGSWF-100 Fuse, 3 Pole 100AMetal

Company Profile

Moeller is now part of Eaton

The power of innovation and product quality, which have distinguished Moeller for many decades, will be continued and further increased by Eaton.

They will be complemented by the know-how and the presence, safety and power of innovation, which only a leading technology corporation can offer.

Energy management and power distribution solutions as well as power quality in buildings and industrial plants in all industry sectors ensure that electric energy can be used reliably, as needed, and in a way that is environmentally sound. Moeller fits seamlessly into Eaton’s Electrical Sector. With its IEC products, it is becoming a fixed entity in the distribution of electric energy, supplying efficient solutions for industry automation.
Everything from one source in the future – from Eaton.

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader in power distribution, power quality, control and industrial automation products and services. Eaton’s global electrical product lines, including Cutler-Hammer, Moeller, Powerware, Holec, MEM, Santak, and MGE Office Protection Systems provide customer-driven PowerChain Management solutions to serve the power system needs of the data center, industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, residential, and OEM markets worldwide.