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RAC & PAC Systems

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
623388 Control Kit, Fan for FDU200-250 U-FCRA
623842 Collar, Spare 50mm High
623858 Collar, Spare 100mm High
623864 Collar, Spare 150mm High
624194 Filter, Kit FDU100-140
624198 Filter, Kit FDU200-250
624308 Plenum, Discharge Kit FDUM200-250
624498 Plenum, Discharge Kit FDUM50
624501 Plenum, Discharge Kit FDUM60-71
624503 Plenum, Discharge Kit FDUM100-140
624506 Adaptor, Discharge 2x150mm Dia
624511 Plenum, Return c/w Filter Kit FDUM50
624516 Plenum, Return c/w Filter Kit FDUM60-71
624520 Plenum, Return c/w Filter Kit FDUM100-140
626990 Drain, Condensing Unit Kit
629802 Collar, Spare 50mm High
629818 Collar, Spare 100mm High
629826 Collar, Spare 150mm High
629951 Adaptor, EnOcean Wireless Protocol
629965 Adaptor, KNX Protocol
IS-IR-WIFI-1 Interface, Intensis Home WiFi Universal I/R
MH-AC-KNX-48 Gateway, KNX 48 Unit
MH-AC-KNX-128 Gateway, KNX 128 Unit
MH-AC-MBS-48 Gateway, Modbus 48 Unit
MH-AC-MBS-128 Gateway, Modbus 128 Unit
MH-RC-END-1I Interface, MHI to EnOcean Wireless Protocol
MH-RC-KNX-1 Gateway, KNX 1 Unit XY Terminals
MH-RC-MBS-1 Gateway, Modbus
MH-RC-WIFI-1 Interface, Intensis Home WiFi for MHI
PCZ006A043 Adaptor, 6-Way To CnT For Run On/Off Heat, & Compression Run
SC-ADNAE Adaptor, VRF Network
More Information Available
Adaptor, for Wired Remote
SC-GIFN-E Card, Interface
More Information Available
Sensor, Remote 8m Lead
TC-PSA-25W-E Fascia Panel
T-PSA-38W-E Fascia Panel