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Post Light, LED 4000K 310lm IP54, c/w Clear Polycarbonate Diffuser
8.4W 180x650mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
2257M Bollard, Round Flat LED Head Only 4000K, 4000lm IP54 c/w Clear Diffuser 68W 354x185mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Round Flat LED 4000K 1080lm IP54, c/w Clear Diffuser
18W 200x270x800mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Anda LED 4000K IP65
18W 1040lm 800mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, LED Post 4000K 1040lm
18W 264x202x800mmDie Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Focus GU10 IP44
35W 400x160x101mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Cylin LED 4000K Double Spot IP54
19W 1000lm 1100mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Spotlight, Large LED Head Only, 4000K 20100lm IP65
50W 337x84mmSilver Die Cast Aluminium
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Spotlight, Large LED Head Only, 4000K 4020lm IP65
50W 337x84mmSilver Die Cast Aluminium
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Spotlight, Large LED Head Only, 4000K 6030lm IP65
75W 337x84mmSilver Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, LED Spot 4000K Adjustable Head IP65
50W 5400lm 909mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Large LED Multidirectional Head, 4000K 5400lm IP65
50W 909mmSilver Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Mini LED Spot Multidirectional Head, 4000K 605lm IP65
9W 526mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Mini LED Spot Multidirectional Head, 4000K 1210lm IP65
18W 616mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Eggo LED 4000K IP54
9W 350lm 1180mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, LED 3000K 1300lm IP54, c/w Opal White Diffuser
14W 180x730mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, LED Cube 3000K 900lm IP54, c/w Opal Polycarbonate Diffuser
11W 150x150x600mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Cone LED 4000K IP54
12W 780lm 800mmGrey Die Cast Aluminium
12642HBL Lantern, LED Small Post IP44, c/w Clear Glass Diffuser 60W 176x265x945mmBlack Die Cast Aluminium
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Lantern, LED Big Pole 2 Heads IP44, c/w Clear Glass Diffuser
60W 395x430x1900mmBlack Die Cast Aluminium
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Bollard, Flat LED 3000K IP44
8W 400lm 450x100x50mmStainless Steel

Our factory was established in 1972 as a National aluminium die-casting factory.

In 1996 we produced our first range of aluminium lighting products, since that time we have experienced continued growth, year on year, within the lighting market, again we are proud that our LED lighting products are used by and supplied to numerous international lighting brands both commercial and domestic.

Technology has been intrinsically fused into light and lighting products, especially so with the emergence of LED. LUTEC’s continued investment in this ever changing arena allows us to stay ahead of this new technology and design trends.

LUTEC has, so far, invested more than £1.5 Million into the development of a new LED research laboratory and state of the art LED test equipment. The factory now measures close to half a million square foot, we can meet the demand of Today, Tomorrow and for the future.

From the beginning quality has and continues to be the most important aspect of our existence, this ethos is underpinned by our commitment to meet and or exceed many international quality standards including ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2014, SA8000, QCO8000.

All LUTEC products are independently tested and certified by internationally recognised test authorities. This ethos ensures we continue to provide World class quality products to World class companies.

The superb LUTEC product designs are created by the world’s leading lighting designers from UK, France, Germany and Italy and in particular the multi award winning “Design Pool” team.

LUTEC have combined its unique manufacturing skills and technological expertise to produce a superb range of innovative and stylish products incorporating the highest quality materials backed by our 5-year product guarantee.

Continued reinvestment places our business in a very strong position. With a net asset value of more than £40 million, we are able to meet our customer’s needs and expectations, not only in terms of new technology, design, tooling and development but also in significant stock investment on behalf of our clients.