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Wood Blocks

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
B2320108 Wood Block, Insulation 100x20mm 108mmNatural
B2320273 Wood Block, Insulation 100x20mm 250nb/273mmNatural
B2325073 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 73mmNatural
B2325110 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 110mmNatural
B2325154 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 154mmNatural
B2325160 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 160mmNatural
B2325165 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 165mmNatural
B2325204 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 204mmNatural
B2325254 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 254mmNatural
B2325280 Wood Block, Insulation 100x25mm 280mmNatural
B2330104 Wood Block, Insulation 100x30mm 104mmNatural
B2330315 Wood Block, Insulation 100x30mm 315mmNatural
B2332027 Wood Block, Insulation 100x32mm 20nb/27mmNatural
B2332034 Wood Block, Insulation 100x32mm 25nb/34mmNatural
B2332042 Wood Block, Insulation 100x32mm 32nb/42mmNatural
B2332048 Wood Block, Insulation 100x32mm 40nb/48mmNatural
B2332054 Wood Block, Insulation 100x32mm 54mmNatural
B2332066 Wood Block, Insulation 100x32mm 66mmNatural
B2332076 Wood Block, Insulation 100x32mm 65nb/76mmNatural

Walraven Group
The Walraven Group was established in Mijdrecht, Netherlands in 1942. Today the small family enterprise has developed into an international organisation with its own production facilities and sales offices across the globe. Our employees are responsible for the development, production and sales of innovative fixing, fire protection and sanitary systems. Our products are used by tens of thousands of installation companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Decades of experience
Our products and know-how have guaranteed the highest quality for over 70 years. Decades of experience and the performance of our expert tradesmen are priceless building blocks for our enterprise.

Our mission is to supply high quality innovative systems together with the best service to satisfy our customers in the installation market. Our starting point is always ease of use and saving time during installation coupled with optimum reliability.

System philosophy
Our range has been incorporated into 3 product systems:

BIS Fixings
Fittings for heating systems, sanitary installations, sprinkler pipes, air ducts, cooling pipes, electricity cables, cable trunking, solar panels and a lot more. Products include:

  • BISMAT®, BISOFIX®, BIS Bifix® and BIS starQuick® Pipe fixing systems
  • BIS RapidRail® and BIS RapidStrut® Rail fixing systems
  • BISCLIPS® Electro-fixing system

BIS Fire Protection
Solutions for fire-resistant and smoke-tight sealing of pipe apertures, expansion joints and openings in suspended ceilings. Plus fire-rated pipe and cable support systems.

  • Pipe and cable apertures
  • Expansion joints, construction seals and hollow spaces
  • Openings and suspended ceilings above emergency exits
  • As well as various fire-rated fixing products

BIS Sanitary Systems
Frames for securing wall hung WC’s, urinals and wash basins. Plus McAlpine Siphons for various sanitaryware applications.

  • BIS Walkon® WC-elements
  • BIS Vario® elements for high / low adjustable WC and wash basin

For more information please contact our UK sales office on +44 (0)1295 75 34 00 or email sales.uk@walraven.com