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Inspection & Shallow Chambers

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
DS039 Cover, c/w Frame Shallow Chamber Round 110mmAluminium
DS040 Seal, O Ring for Cover DS39 110mmBlack
DS050 Inspection Chamber, 450mm Equal 263mm Invert, Push Fit 110mmPVC-U Black
DS056 Plug, Blanking for Inspection Chamber 110mmPVC-U Black
DS058 Raising Piece, Inspection Chamber 450x164mm 160mmPVC-U Black
DS062 Cover, c/w Frame for Inspection Chamber 160mmPolypropylene Black
DS065 Cover, Square to Round Access 580x580mm 160mmPVC-U Black
DS066 Inspection Chamber, 450mm Unequal 360mm Invert, Push Fit 160mmPVC-U Black
DS067 Seal, Inspection Chamber Riser 160mmBlack
DS068 Cover, c/w Frame Shallow Chamber Square 110mmPVC-U Black
DS069 Cover, c/w Frame Shallow Chamber Round 110mmPVC-U Black
DS071 Inspection Chamber, Shallow Access 230mm 140mm Invert, Push Fit 110mmPVC-U Black
DS072 Raising Piece, Shallow Access Chamber 230x205mm 110mmPVC-U Black
DS075 Cover, Recessed Square for Chamber 230mm
DS076 Cover, Access Round Shallow 390mmPVC-U Black
SR450 Seal, Spare Ring 450mm
UCC10D Clip, Riser Chamber, for Use With UCR3
UCC3D Base, Chamber Deep Inspection 450mm
UCL35PP Cover Plate, Circular c/w Frame 450mm 3.5 TonnePolypropylene
UCL35SQ Cover Plate, Square, c/w Frame & Reduced Access Ring 450mm 3.5 TonnePolypropylene
UCLRR Ring, Reduced Access, for Use With UCL35PP/UCL35SQ 450mm
UCR3 Riser, Chamber Deep Inspection, for Use With UCC3D 450mm