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Application Tooling for Non Shrinkable Tubing

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
NA/01 Pliers, Three-Pronged for Sleeves/Grommets Metal
NA/01PRONG Prong, Replacement for NA/01 Pliers, PK=3 Metal
NA1K/3 Pliers, Three-Pronged for Sleeves/Grommets Metal
NA1K/3PRONG Prong, Replacement for NA1K/3 Pliers, PK=3 Metal
NA4/5 Pliers, Three-Pronged for Sleeves/Grommets Metal
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Sleeve Fitting Tool
NA4/5PRONG Prong, Replacement for N4/5 Pliers, PK=3 Metal
NA8/10PRONG Prong, Replacement for NA8/10 Pliers, PK=3 Metal
VA-2.5/5PRONG Prong, Replacement for VA2.5/5 Pliers, PK=3 Metal
VA2.5/5 Pliers, Three-Pronged for Sleeves/Grommets
VA2.5/5PRONG8 Prong, Replacement for VA2.5/5 Pliers, Size 8 PK=3 Metal
VA2.5/5PRONG18 Prong, Replacement for VA2.5/5 Pliers, Size 18 PK=3 Metal


HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer who offers high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets.

Located in 37 countries, HellermannTyton draws upon its global resources and market position to develop tailored solutions that offer exceptional design, performance, quality, and productivity improvements to the customer.

HellermannTyton is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified.

Mission Statement

HellermannTyton's mission is to provide innovative solutions, with customer satisfaction as our first priority.

We aspire, through global leadership and quality products that add value to electrical and communication networks, to be the customers' partner of choice.

We aim to achieve world class operational excellence for the benefit of our customers, our employees and the interaction of our business with the environment.