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Heater, Radiant Ceramic 2 Elements, c/w Safety Grill No Glare
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Heater, Radiant Ceramic 3 Elements, c/w Safety Grill No Glare

Herschel Infrared

As the UK’s leader in far infrared heating, Herschel is helping to change the way people and buildings are heated.

Far infrared is radiant heat. Using long-wave infrared, it penetrates the air to gently heat people, buildings and objects directly rather than heating the air like other, conventional heating methods. Herschel technology delivers an energy efficient, stylish and comfortable heating solution to the market using the same form of heat emitted by humans.

Indoor Space Heating

Benefits of Herschel Infrared Heaters

  • Low energy, energy efficient heating
  • Powered by renewable sources
  • Simple to install, minimal upheaval and planning requirements
  • Highly controllable
  • Stylish and discreet, available in a number of finishes and styles
  • Optimum comfort levels
  • Maintenance free
  • Zero light
  • Silent

Herschel couples unrivalled knowledge of infrared heating technology with the broadest track record of installation. Providing solutions for many different environments, including commercial premises such as hotels, restaurants, schools and offices plus new housing and retrofits, Herschel has extensive knowledge of the very different needs of each application.

Ceiling Panel Heater

The company offers the widest range of infrared heaters on the market including panels for rooms as well as space heaters for large areas and zoned heating. Using the highest quality components and subject to rigorous testing by TÜV or equivalent bodies, the heaters are guaranteed for up to 10 years.


Herschel is the only infrared company to offer free online training on infrared technology and have its own, UK wide, network of accredited installers.

See more information on the benefits of Herschel Infrared heating, together with case studies, at https://www.herschel-infrared.co.uk/