Havells Switchgear
Avis Way
BN 9 9ED

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Tel tel: 0843 2275388
Fax fax: 01273 611101
Email customerservices.uk@havells.com
Web www.havells.co.uk
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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
HSM252R30 RCCB, 2P 25A 30mA
HSM252R100 RCCB, 2P 25A 100mA
HSM402R30 RCCB, 2P 40A 30mA
HSM402R100 RCCB, 2P 40A 100mA
HSM632R30 RCCB, 2P 63A 30mA
HSM632R100 RCCB, 2P 63A 100mA
HSM802R30 RCCB, 2P 80A 30mA
HSM802R100 RCCB, 2P 80A 100mA
HSM1002R30 RCCB, 2P 100A 30mA
HSM1002R100 RCCB, 2P 100A 100mA


Havells is a Global manufacturer of Electrical and Power Distribution Equipment, with a focus on Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection, Switchgear, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Power Capacitors, CFL Lamps and Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial applications. With sales over $1Bn and serving customers in over 50 countries, Havells is well placed to deliver UK market optimized solutions that meet local standards and regulatory requirements.

In the UK, Havells Switchgear brings a local market focus to its UK customers, with UK specific solutions, addressing the real challenges in creating optimized, compliant and cost effective Electrical Distribution solutions.