Greenwood Airvac
Unit 4
Watchmoor Point
GU15 3AD

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tel: 01276 605800

Fan Accessories (F3)

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
SV100VRFU Frame, Mounting for SV100VVTK 100mmGalvanised Steel
SV100VVTK Valve, To Be Used With SV100VRFU 100mmGalvanised Steel
SV125VRFU Frame, Mounting for SV125VVTK 125mmGalvanised Steel
SV125VRR Cover Plate, for SV125VVTK 125mmGalvanised Steel
SV125VVTK Valve, To Be Used With SV125VRFU &, SV125VRR 125mmGalvanised Steel
TPDB1255 Manifold, ComfoTube Housing 5x75mm Ports 125mmPVC
TPDB16010 Manifold, ComfoTube Housing 10x75mm Ports 160mmPVC
TPDB18015 Manifold, ComfoTube Housing 15x75mm Ports 180mmPVC
TPSV1002 Housing, Grille ComfoTube 2x75mm to 1x100mmPVC
TPSV1252 Valve, Supply ComfoTube for 2x75mm Pipes 125mmPVC
TPSV1253 Valve, Supply ComfoTube for 3x75mm Pipes 125mmPVC