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Enclosed Isolator

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
D/640006-712 Isolator, Enclosed TP IP65 25A 94x130x81mmRed/Yellow
D/640007-712 Isolator, Enclosed 4P IP65 25A 94x130x81mmRed/Yellow
D/650006-712 Isolator, Enclosed TP IP65 32A 130x130x99mmRed/Yellow
D/650007-712 Isolator, Enclosed 4P IP65 32A 130x130x99mmRed/Yellow
D/660007-712 Isolator, Enclosed 4P IP65 50A 110x180x111mmRed/Yellow
D/670006-712 Isolator, Enclosed TP IP65 63A 180x182x111mmRed/Yellow
D/670007-712 Isolator, Enclosed 4P IP65 63A 180x182x111mmRed/Yellow
D/680006-712 Isolator, Enclosed TP IP65 100A 265x265x140mmRed/Yellow
D/680007-712 Isolator, Enclosed 4P IP65 100A 265x265x140mmRed/Yellow

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Industrial Solutions’ advanced technologies protect and control the distribution of electricity throughout a facility’s infrastructure. We provide customers with end-to-end product and service solutions that ensure the reliability and protection of the electrical infrastructure; from the substation, to a facility’s critical equipment, and all the power technologies in between.

Our low and medium voltage products include wiring devices, residential and industrial electrical distribution components, automation products, enclosures and switchboards. Demand for the company’s products comes from wholesalers, installers, panelboard builders, contractors, OEMs and utilities worldwide.