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IC641SWP040 Software, DOS
IC641SWP041 Software, DOS
IC641SWP042 Software, DOS
IC641SWP061 Software, Development
IC641SWP063 Software, Support
IC690ACC900 Convertor, RS232 to RS422/485
IC690ACC901 Miniconvertor, RS232 to RS422/485
IC690CBL701 Cable 3m
IC690CBL702 Cable 3m
IC690CBL705 Cable 3m
IC693ACC300 Module, Input Simulator (16 Points)
IC693ACC301 Battery, Replacement
IC693ACC305 Chip, EEPROM
IC693ACC307 Plug, I/O Bus Terminator
IC693ACC308 Bracket, Rack Adaptor
IC693ACC310 Module, Filler
IC693ACC311 Terminal Block
IC693ACC315 Kit, Battery
IC693ACC316 Connector, Solder Eyelet Type
IC693ACC317 Connector, Crimp Type
IC693ACC318 Connector, Ribbon Type
IC693ACC319 Kit, Spare Parts
IC693ACC320 Kit, Spare Parts
IC693ALG220 Module, Analogue Input (4 Channels)
IC693ALG221 Module, Analogue Input (4 Channels)
IC693ALG390 Module, Analogue Output (2 Channels)
IC693ALG391 Module, Analogue Output (2 Channels)
IC693APU300 Counter, High Speed 80kHz
IC693BEM320 Module, I/O Link Interface (Slave)
IC693CBL300-EU Cable, I/O Expansion 1m
IC693CBL301 Cable, I/O Expansion 2m
IC693CBL302 Cable, I/O Expansion 15m
IC693CBL304 Cable, Port Expansion
IC693CBL305 Cable, Port Expansion
IC693CBL311 Cable 3m
IC693CBL313 Cable, I/O Expansion 8m
IC693CHS391 Base, Slot
IC693CHS392 Base, Slot Expansion c/w I/O Bus, Terminator
IC693CHS393 Base, Slot Remote Expansion c/w I/O Bus, Terminator
IC693CHS397 Base, Slot
IC693CHS398 Base, Slot Expansion c/w I/O Bus, Terminator
IC693CHS399 Base, Slot Remote Expansion c/w I/O Bus, Terminator
IC693CMM302 Module, Enhanced Communications
IC693CPU311 Unit, Central Processing
IC693CPU313 Unit, Central Processing
IC693CPU323 Unit, Central Processing
IC693MAR590 Module, I/O (8 Points) 120V
IC693MDL230 Module, Input Isolated (8 Points) 120V
IC693MDL231 Module, Input Isolated (8 Points) 240V
IC693MDL240 Module, Input (16 Points) 120V
IC693MDL241 Module, Input (16 Points) 24V AC/DC
IC693MDL330 Module, Output (8 Points) 1A 120/240V
IC693MDL340 Module, Output (16 Points) 0.5A 120V
IC693MDL390 Module, Output (5 Points) 2A 120/240V
IC693MDL632 Module, Input (8 Points) 125V DC
IC693MDL634 Module, Input (8 Points) 24V DC
IC693MDL645 Module, Input (16 Points) 24V DC
IC693MDL646 Module, Input (16 Points) 24V DC
IC693MDL654 Module, Input (32 Points) 5-12V DC
IC693MDL655 Module, Input (32 Points) 24V DC
IC693MDL730 Module, Output (8 Points) 2A 12/24V DC
IC693MDL731 Module, Output (8 Points) 2A 12/24V DC
IC693MDL732 Module, Output (8 Points) 0.5A 12/24V DC
IC693MDL733 Module, Output (8 Points) 0.5A 12/24V DC
IC693MDL740 Module, Output (16 Points) 0.5A 12/24V DC
IC693MDL741 Module, Output (16 Points) 0.5A 12/24V DC
IC693MDL742 Module, Output (16 Points) 1A 12/24V DC
IC693MDL752 Module, Output (32 Points) 0.3A 5-24V DC
IC693MDL753 Module, Output (32 Points) 24V DC
IC693MDL930 Module, Relay Output (8 Points) 4A
IC693MDL931 Module, Relay Output (8 Points) 8A
IC693MDL940 Module, Relay Output (16 Points) 2A
IC693PWR321 Supply, Power 100/240V
IC693PWR322 Supply, Power 24/48V DC
IC697ACC700 Terminal Block
IC697ACC701 Battery, Replacement
IC697ACC702 Plug, I/O Bus Terminator
IC697ACC715 Kit, Integrator Backplane Mounting
IC697ACC720 Filler, Blank Slot
IC697ACC721 Assembly, Rack Cooling Fan 115V 19in
IC697ACC722 Jumper, Blank Slot Interrupt
IC697ACC723 Door Plastic Clear
IC697ACC724 Assembly, Rack Cooling Fan 230V 19in
IC697ACC726 Cover, Top Protective
IC697ACC727 Cover, Top & Bottom Protective for Genius, Bus Controller
IC697ACC728 Cover, Top & Bottom Protective for Bus, Transmitter&Receiver
IC697ACC729 Cover, Top & Bottom Protective for I/O, Link Module
IC697ACC730 Retainer, Spare Slot Terminal Strip
IC697ACC732 Cover, Top Protective
IC697BEM711 Module, Bus Receiver c/w I/O Bus, Terminator
IC697BEM713 Module, Bus Transmitter inc. Parallel, Programming Port
IC697BEM731 Controller, Bus
IC697BEM733 Scanner, Remote I/O
IC697CBL700 Kit, Cable
IC697CHS750 Rack, Slot Rear Mount 5BA
IC697CHS782 Rack, Integrators Rear Mount 17BA
IC697CHS783 Rack, Integrators Front Mount 17BA
IC697CHS790 Rack, Slot Rear Mount 9BA
IC697CHS791 Rack, Slot Front Mount 9BA
IC697MEM735 Daughterboard, Memory (Expansion RAM) 512KB
IC697PWR710 Supply, Power 120/240V
IC697PWR711 Supply, Power 120/240V