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Display Board, LED Strip Coving & Profile
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Display Board, Kits
GAP3 Display Board, DL10 DLS10
GAP4 Display Board, Mini Garden
GAP5 Display Board, GL112/GL116/GL118/GL119/GL154/GL140, /ML102/ML103/PL023/PL120
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Counter Display, DL12
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Display Board, LED Mini/Midi/Maxi Kits
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Display Board, DL10 DLS15 DL20
GAP9 Display Board, DL6 DLS6 Dimmable
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Display Board, GP-SS/GP-B/GP-W/GP1-SS/GP1-B/GP1-W
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Display Board, G3-SS/G3-B/G3-C/G2-SS/G3-SS2
GAP12 Display Board, DLX10x2
GAP13 Display Board, Counter ML5x2
GAP14 Display Board, Floor BL GL240 MULTI KIT
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Display Board, Counter L-4APPx2 c/w Remote
GAP16 Display Board, SL-240x4 LED Strip Wall
GAP17 Counter Display, Multi Kits
GAP18 Counter Display, Ground Kits
GAP19 Counter Display, 1x Slimline Flood
GAP20 Display Board, Counter 2x Slimline Flood
L-4-APP-REMOTE Remote Control, RGB 4 Zone Dimmable Touch
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Lampholder, GU10 c/w Stirrup
OTDIM Driver, Dimmable LED 1-10V
P.CH-ANT Chain, Rio Pull Antique
P.CH-BRA Chain, Rio Pull Brass
P.CH-CHR Chain, Rio Pull Chrome
P.CH-CHR-MAH Chain, Rio Pull Chrome/Mahogany
P.CH-CRY-BRA Chain, Rio Pull Crystal/Brass
P.CH-CRY-CHR Chain, Rio Pull Crystal/Chrome
P.CH-CRY-DIA-BRASS Chain, Rio Pull Crystal Diamond Brass
P.CH-CRY-DIA-CHR Chain, Rio Pull Crystal Diamond Chrome
P.CH-DELUXE-BLK-CHR Chain, Rio Deluxe Pull Chrome
P.CH-DELUXE-BRA Chain, Rio Deluxe Pull Brass
P.CH-DELUXE-CHR Chain, Rio Deluxe Pull Chrome
P.CH-DELUXE-M.CHR Chain, Rio Deluxe Pull Matt Chrome
P.CH-DELUXE-WHI-CHR Chain, Rio Deluxe Pull White Chrome
P.CH-WOOD-BRA Chain, Rio Pull Wood Brass
P.CH-WOOD-CHR Chain, Rio Pull Wood Chrome
P.SW-50A-ANT Pull Switch, Shower Antique
P.SW-50A-B.CHR Pull Switch, Shower Brass
P.SW-50A-BRA Pull Switch, Shower Brass
P.SW-50A-CHR Pull Switch, Shower Chrome
P.SW-ANT Pull Switch, Rio Antique Brass
P.SW-BRA Pull Switch, Rio Brass
P.SW-CHR Pull Switch, Rio Chrome
P.SW-DELUXE-ANT Pull Switch, Deluxe Crystal Antique Brass
P.SW-DELUXE-BLK Pull Switch, Deluxe Black
P.SW-DELUXE-BRA Pull Switch, Deluxe Crystal Brass
P.SW-DELUXE-BRA-WH Pull Switch, Deluxe White
P.SW-DELUXE-CHR Pull Switch, Deluxe Crystal Chrome
P.SW-DELUXE-M.CHR Pull Switch, Deluxe Crystal Matt Chrome
P.SW-DELUXE-WH Pull Switch, Deluxe White
P.SW-M.CHR Pull Switch, Rio Matt Chrome
SPIKE Bar, Extra For G2 Range
T-WB Wall Bracket, for RGB Remote
TDIM-16W-350 Driver, Constant Current Dimmable LED 16W 350mA
TDIM-18W-350 Driver, Dimmable 3-18W 350mA 0-10V
TDIM-25W-12V Driver, Dimmable 25W 12V
TDIM-25W-24V Driver, Dimmable 25W 24V
TDIM-25W-350 Driver, Constant Current Dimmable LED 25W 350mA
TDIM-40W-350 Driver, Constant Current Dimmable LED 40W 350mA
TDIM-50W-12V Driver, Dimmable 50W 12V
TDIM-50W-24V Driver, Dimmable 50W 24V
TDIM-100W-12V Driver, Dimmable 100W 12V
TDIM-100W-24V Driver, Dimmable 100W 24V
TDIM-200W-12V Driver, Dimmable 200W 12V
TDIM-200W-24V Driver, Dimmable 200W 24V
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Sleeve, For GL116 Ground Lights
50mm Cutout
More Information Available
Sleeve, For GL118 Ground Lights
27mm Cutout
More Information Available
Sleeve, For GL119 Ground Lights
30mm Cutout
TS130 Sleeve, For GL130 Ground Lights
TS140 Installation Set, LED Ground Light

Gap Lighting is now one of the UK's leading manufacturers of LED.

As specialists in the application of LED lighting for interior and exterior installations, we are using the latest technology to develop professional low energy solutions.

Our products are carefully designed to be contemporary in style, yet versatile, easy to install, maintenance free and long lasting. Our priority as a company is to satisfy the needs of our customers and end users, and so not only do we provide custom designed lighting schemes, but we also give the technical support and aftercare that is sometimes needed.

After many years in the industry, we remain in a family business, growing from strength to strength.


Stockport Town Hall

GL240 - Decking

Lexus Showroom

Moonlight Bar - Strip and Solas