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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
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Chandelier, Vela c/w 5xG9s IP44
40W 56.5x49.5cmGlass/Chrome
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Chandelier, Vela c/w 9xG9s IP44
40W 75-125x60cmGlass/Chrome
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Chandelier, Vela c/w 3xG9s IP44
40W 47.5x42cmGlass/Chrome
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Wall Light, Taurus c/w 2xG9s IP44
40W 18.5x11x11.5cmChrome/Smoked Glass
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Luminaire, Taurus c/w 4xG9s IP44
40W 12x24x24cmChrome/Smoked Glass
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Wall Light, Vela c/w 2xG9s IP44
40W 32.5x31x17cmGlass/Chrome
SPA-22560 Spotlight, Scorpius Bar c/w 4xGU10s IP44 4x35W 600x80x140mmChrome
SPA-23533-CHR Luminaire, Rhea c/w 9xLED 3000K 2430lm IP44 9x4.2W 87x420x420mmChrome/Opal Acrylic
SPA-23541-CHR Luminaire, Rhea c/w 4xLED 3000K 1100lm IP44 4x4.2W 80x275x275mmChrome/Opal Acrylic
SPA-23617-CHR Wall Light, Rhea c/w LED 3000K 280lm IP44 4.2W 90x90x136mmChrome/Opal Acrylic
SPA-23618-CHR Wall Light, Rhea Twin c/w 2xLED 3000K 560lm, IP44 2x4.2W 90x200x140mmChrome/Opal Acrylic
SPA-24467-CHR Ceiling Light, Orlando Flush Fitting Square, 8 Light Chrome
SPA-24468-CHR Ceiling Light, Orlando Flush Fitting Small Square Chrome
SPA-24674-CHR Wall Light, Orlando 2 Light Fitting Chrome
SPA-24675-CHR Ceiling Light, Octans Flush c/w 5xG9s IP44 5x28WChrome/Clear Glass
SPA-24676-CHR Wall Light, Octans c/w G9 IP44 28W 100x100mmChrome/Clear Glass
SPA-24677-CHR Chandelier, Belle Chisel Cut Bars c/w 4xG9s, IP44 4x28W 900x450mmChrome/Clear Crystal
SPA-24678-CHR Luminaire, Belle Chisel Cut Bars c/w 3xG9s, Semi-Flush IP44 3x28W 410x310mmChrome/Clear Crystal
SPA-24679-CHR Wall Light, Belle Chisel Cut c/w 2xG9s IP44 2x28W 250x300x180mmChrome/Clear Crystal
SPA-24688-CHR Luminaire, Kate Tulip Flush c/w 5xG9s IP44 5x28W 120x500mmChrome/Clear Glass
SPA-24692-CHR Luminaire, Kate Tulip Flush c/w 3xG9s IP44 3x28W 120x320mmChrome/Clear Glass
SPA-24693-CHR Wall Light, Kate Tulip c/w 2xG9s IP44 2x28W 310x180x150mmChrome/Clear Glass
SPA-24869-CHR Luminaire, Celeste Iris Flush G9 IP44 4x28W 300x260mmChrome/Clear
SPA-24870-CHR Luminaire, Celeste Iris Flush G9 IP44 6x28W 380x330mmChrome/Clear
SPA-24871-CHR Luminaire, Celeste Iris Flush G9 IP44 9x28W 400x380mmChrome/Clear
SPA-26032-CHR Wall Light, Celeste G9 IP44 2x28W 120x150x250mmChrome/Clear
SPA-26320-CHR Wall Light, Tucana c/w 2xG9s IP44 2x28W 215x180x135mmChrome/Opal
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Spotlight, Scorpius c/w GU10 IP44
35W 17x10x15cmChrome
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Spotlight, Scorpius c/w 3xGU10s IP44
35W 18x26cmChrome
SPA-27885-CHR Chandelier, Grace 9 Light Chrome
SPA-27886-CHR Chandelier, Grace 6 Light Chrome
SPA-27896-CHR Wall Light, Grace 2 Lights Glass/Chrome
SPA-28326-CHR Ceiling Light, Reena Fitting 3 Light Chrome
SPA-28327-CHR Ceiling Light, Reena Fitting 6 Light Chrome
SPA-28727-CHR Pendant, Ovus Large Oval Chrome
SPA-28731-CHR Wall Light, Ovus Oval Chrome
SPA-28733-CHR Ceiling Light, Fitting 3 Light Chrome
SPA-28734-CHR Ceiling Light, Fitting 5 Light Chrome
SPA-29194-CHR Pendant, Ovus 3 Light Flush Oval Gem Chrome
SPA-29195-CHR Ceiling Light, Reena Fitting 2 Light Chrome
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Wall Light, Aries c/w 2xG9s IP44
40W 6x36x11.5cmChrome/Frosted
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Wall Light, Aquila c/w G9 IP44
25W 11x8x12cmChrome/Frosted
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Luminaire, Aquila Flush c/w 4xG9s IP44
25W 10.5x28cmChrome/Frosted
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Luminaire, Aries Flush c/w 3xG9s IP44
40W 11x47cmChrome/Frosted
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Ceiling Light, Aquarius c/w 3xG9s IP44
25W 38x38cmChrome/Frosted
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Wall Light, Aquarius c/w G9 IP44
25W 23x10x19cmChrome/Frosted

Forum Lighting Solutions

Forum Lighting Solutions are designers and distributors of high quality, energy saving light fittings and lamps. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered, and a member of the Cascade Holdings Group. Cascade has been trading in the UK for over 60 years, during which time has built a strong reputation as a supplier of highly desirable, decorative lighting to some of the UK’s largest retailers. Based in the North West of England, our 500,000 sq ft premises houses our offices, warehouse facility and 30,000 sq ft showrooms.

Forum aim to provide our customers with aesthetically pleasing, low energy lighting solutions with a competitive pricing structure. Our product range includes kitchen "Culina", bathroom "Spa" and outdoor "Zinc" lighting and is complimented by an ever increasing selection of high quality LED lamps "Inlight".

The Forum in-house design team are constantly developing new and innovative products, with a bias towards LED technology. High standards of customer service are of utmost importance. This is illustrated through our next day delivery service, industry experienced members of staff and a superb commitment to stock. We strive to maintain these high standards with a focus on providing our customers with a devoted supplier deserving of their trust.