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Supaflue Pipe

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
SFPD 140BL Pipe, With Door 300x100mmBlack
SFPD 150BL Pipe, With Door 300x125mmBlack
SFPD 160BL Pipe, With Door 300x150mmBlack
SFPD 240BL Pipe, With Door 600x100mmBlack
SFPD 250BL Pipe, With Door 600x125mmBlack
SFPD 260BL Pipe, With Door 600x150mmBlack
SFPD 340BL Pipe, With Door 900x100mmBlack
SFPD 350BL Pipe, With Door 900x125mmBlack
SFPD 360BL Pipe, With Door 900x150mmBlack
SFPD 440BL Pipe, With Door 1200x100mmBlack
SFPD 450BL Pipe, With Door 1200x125mmBlack
SFPD 460BL Pipe, With Door 1200x150mmBlack
SFPD 140WH Pipe, With Door 300x100mmWhite
SFPD 150WH Pipe, With Door 300x125mmWhite
SFPD 160WH Pipe, With Door 300x150mmWhite
SFPD 240WH Pipe, With Door 600x100mmWhite
SFPD 250WH Pipe, With Door 600x125mmWhite
SFPD 260WH Pipe, With Door 600x150mmWhite
SFPD 340WH Pipe, With Door 900x100mmWhite
SFPD 350WH Pipe, With Door 900x125mmWhite
SFPD 360WH Pipe, With Door 900x150mmWhite
SFPD 440WH Pipe, With Door 1200x100mmWhite
SFPD 450WH Pipe, With Door 1200x125mmWhite
SFPD 460WH Pipe, With Door 1200x150mmWhite
SFPN 140BL Pipe, Plain 300x100mmBlack
SFPN 150BL Pipe, Plain 300x125mmBlack
SFPN 160BL Pipe, Plain 300x150mmBlack
SFPN 240BL Pipe, Plain 600x100mmBlack
SFPN 250BL Pipe, Plain 600x125mmBlack
SFPN 260BL Pipe, Plain 600x150mmBlack
SFPN 340BL Pipe, Plain 900x100mmBlack
SFPN 350BL Pipe, Plain 900x125mmBlack
SFPN 360BL Pipe, Plain 900x150mmBlack
SFPN 440BL Pipe, Plain 1200x100mmBlack
SFPN 450BL Pipe, Plain 1200x125mmBlack
SFPN 460BL Pipe, Plain 1200x150mmBlack
SFPN 140WH Pipe, Plain 300x100mmWhite
SFPN 150WH Pipe, Plain 300x125mmWhite
SFPN 160WH Pipe, Plain 300x150mmWhite
SFPN 240WH Pipe, Plain 600x100mmWhite
SFPN 250WH Pipe, Plain 600x125mmWhite
SFPN 260WH Pipe, Plain 600x150mmWhite
SFPN 340WH Pipe, Plain 900x100mmWhite
SFPN 350WH Pipe, Plain 900x125mmWhite
SFPN 360WH Pipe, Plain 900x150mmWhite
SFPN 440WH Pipe, Plain 1200x100mmWhite
SFPN 450WH Pipe, Plain 1200x125mmWhite
SFPN 460WH Pipe, Plain 1200x150mmWhite