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623 Repeater, Nexho NT Module
CASTORS Castor, Heater (Pair)
CL Module, Programmable Thermostat, for Use With Nexho NT
CR Module, Signal Repeater, for Use With Nexho NT
IL Control Module, Lighting for Use With Nexho NT
NEXHO-NT Remote Control, c/w Wireless Base Unit 590x690x95mmWhite ABS
NEXHO-RM Remote Control, c/w Base Unit 195x130x50mmWhite ABS
NEXHO-UC Remote Control, c/w Base Unit & SMS Function 195x130x50mmWhite ABS
PG03 Wire Guard, Radiator 3 Fin 737x533x178mmWhite Powder Coated
PG05 Wire Guard, Radiator 5 Fin 686x533x178mmWhite Powder Coated
PG07 Wire Guard, Radiator 7 Fin 838x533x178mmWhite Powder Coated
PG09 Wire Guard, Radiator 9 Fin 991x533x178mmWhite Powder Coated
PG11 Wire Guard, Radiator 11 Fin 1168x533x178mmWhite Powder Coated
PG13 Wire Guard, Radiator 13 Fin 1321x533x178mmWhite Powder Coated

LuckinsLive Media Pack