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Webtech Loose Cable Kit

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
ESLC12W-11 Cable Kit, Underfloor Heating Loose 0.8-1.0m 132W
ESLC12W-18 Cable Kit, Underfloor Heating Loose 1.4-1.7m 216W
ESLC12W-25 Cable Kit, Underfloor Heating Loose 2.0-2.3m 300W
ESLC12W-39 Cable Kit, Underfloor Heating Loose 3.0-3.6m 468W
ESLC12W-63 Cable Kit, Underfloor Heating Loose 5.4-6.2m 756W
ESLC12W-86 Cable Kit, Underfloor Heating Loose 7.0-8.0m 1032W
ESLC12W-155 Cable Kit, Underfloor Heating Loose 12.0-13.8m 1860W


Electroflex Solutions distributes high quality electric underfloor heating products in the UK and the rest of Europe. All systems have been designed with the installer in mind with fast and easy installation.

We provide a full range products from floor heating mats, loose cable systems, digital thermostat of various colours, simple dial thermostats and insulation. Our extensive range of underfloor mats can be installed under virtually any floor covering (eg tiles, wood, carpet, Amtico etc) and come in 150W/m2 for normal rooms and 200W/m2 for when the highest performance is required.

We have are own UK based design and technical support team and can do free of charge CAD mat layouts for projects and give comprehensive support during installation.

Electroflex Solutions offer our trading partners free basic technical training and the opportunity to declare themselves as an electric underfloor heating specialist centre.

The Middlesex based Head Office currently carries over 50,000 square metres of matting/cables and with our same day design and next day delivery we are striving to lead the way in the service we offer.

We support many different types of businesses and have strategic links with independent and national wholesalers and retail groups .We frequently offer advice and designs to a large number of construction companies and architect’s. This business is passed onto local trading partners forming a professional supply chain with local support.


  • Full range of products for virtually any floor covering
  • Mats and cable systems engineered in Germany
  • Free design
  • Next day delivery
  • Competitive pricing