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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
DWP02 Drain Plug, IP44 Pk=10 11mmRubber
ECH50 Heater, Compact w/o Thermostat IP20 50WBlack
ECH100 Heater, Compact w/o Thermostat IP20 100WBlack
ECH150 Heater, Compact w/o Thermostat IP20 150WBlack
ECHT50 Heater, Compact c/w Thermostat IP20 50WBlack
ECHT100 Heater, Compact c/w Thermostat IP20 100WBlack
ECHT150 Heater, Compact c/w Thermostat IP20 150WBlack
EDA40 Plug, Pressure Compensation IP66 Plastic
EDAS40 Plug, Pressure Compensation IP66 Stainless Steel
EF220-24R5 Fan, Filter IP54 82m3/h 24V DCRAL 7035
EF220-115R5 Fan, Filter IP54 125m3/h 115VRAL 7035
EF700-115R5 Fan, Filter IP54 875m3/h 115VRAL 7035
EFAE220R5 Filter, Exhaust EMC c/w Housing IP54 RAL 7035
EFAP220R5 Filter, Exhaust Outdoor c/w Housing IP55 RAL 7035
EFE220R5 Fan, EMC Filter IP54 230V 19W 110m3/hRAL 7035
EFE700R5 Fan, EMC Filter IP54 230V 169W 560m3/hRAL 7035
EFM25-30 Filter Mat, Standard for EF/EFA250/300 Pk=5 100C
EFM50-60 Filter Mat, Standard for EF/EFA500/600/700 Pk=5 100C
EFM100 Filter Mat, Standard G3 for EF/EFA100 Pk=5
EFM220 Filter Mat, Standard for EF/EFA220 Pk=5 100C
EFMP200 Filter Mat, Outdoor for EFP/EFAP200 Pk=5 100C
EFMP220 Filter Mat, Outdoor for EFP/EFAP220 Pk=5 100C
EFMP250-300 Filter Mat, Outdoor for EFP/EFAP250/300 Pk=5 100C
EFMP500-700 Filter Mat, Outdoor for EFP/EFAP500/600/700 Pk5 100C
EFR201 Thermostat, Fixed NO 35C
EFR202 Thermostat, Fixed NC 5C
EFR203 Thermostat, Dual Fixed NO NC 35C 5C
EFTMP01 Template, Filter Fan Cut-Out
ETF200 Hygrostat, Mechanical Pre-Set IP20 Plastic
ETF300 Hygrostat, Thermostat Electronic 230VPlastic
ETF300120 Hygrostat, Thermostat Electronic 115VPlastic
PLFR1/4 Kit, Air Regulator


Eldon's comprehensive range of electrical enclosures is both user-friendly and made for any working environment, no matter how harsh or clinically clean.

We make life easy for all our individual customers by delivering manufacturing excellence geared to making zero defect products that fully meet the specification demanded.

We are dedicated to deliver the broadest range of optimum products of the highest quality and at the most competitive price to all our customers. To deliver on that mission, we operate three strategically sited plants, two in Europe and one in India. We are happy to customise our standard enclosures to meet your needs as a valued customer. We believe in providing you the no-hassle flexibility that embraces adapting our designs to your unique specifications.