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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
HALP050503GE Terminal Box, IP65 45x50x30mmAluminium
HALP060604GE Terminal Box, IP65 64x58x36mmAluminium
HALP061004GE Terminal Box, IP65 64x98x36mmAluminium
HALP061504GE Terminal Box, IP65 64x150x36mmAluminium
HALP080806GE Terminal Box, IP65 80x75x57mmAluminium
HALP081306GE Terminal Box, IP65 80x125x57mmAluminium
HALP081806GE Terminal Box, IP65 80x175x57mmAluminium
HALP082506GE Terminal Box, IP65 80x250x57mmAluminium
HALP121208GE Terminal Box, IP65 122x122x80mmAluminium
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Enclosure, IP67/NEMA 4
HALP122208GE Terminal Box, IP65 122x220x80mmAluminium
HALP122209GE Terminal Box, IP65 122x220x90mmAluminium
HALP123608GE Terminal Box, IP65 122x360x80mmAluminium
HALP161609GE Terminal Box, IP65 160x160x90mmAluminium
HALP162609GE Terminal Box, IP65 160x260x90mmAluminium
More Information Available
Enclosure, IP67/NEMA 4
HALP165609GE Terminal Box, IP65 160x560x90mmAluminium
HALP232011GE Terminal Box, IP65 230x200x110mmAluminium
HALP233311GE Terminal Box, IP65 230x330x110mmAluminium
HALP233318GE Terminal Box, IP65 230x330x180mmAluminium
HALP234011GE Terminal Box, IP65 230x400x110mmAluminium
HALP236011GE Terminal Box, IP65 230x600x110mmAluminium


Eldon's comprehensive range of electrical enclosures is both user-friendly and made for any working environment, no matter how harsh or clinically clean.

We make life easy for all our individual customers by delivering manufacturing excellence geared to making zero defect products that fully meet the specification demanded.

We are dedicated to deliver the broadest range of optimum products of the highest quality and at the most competitive price to all our customers. To deliver on that mission, we operate three strategically sited plants, two in Europe and one in India. We are happy to customise our standard enclosures to meet your needs as a valued customer. We believe in providing you the no-hassle flexibility that embraces adapting our designs to your unique specifications.