Rooms 34-38 Lescaze Office
Shinners Bridge
TQ 9 6JD

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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
FL10MP Feet, Magnetic for Pro Floodlight, Reinforced Black
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Feet, Magnetic for Prime Floodlight
FLCLP Clip, Flood-It Black
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Tripod, for 2x Prime & 3x Pro Floodlights


Trading since April 2012 the FLOOD-IT range from eKonomical has become a tool box essential,  thousands are in use everyday providing lighting solutions for the most challenging of situations.


The FLOOD-IT range is exclusive to eKonomical and has been designed with two things in mind; quality of components and longevity. Feedback from users stressed the need for a product that is both robust and reliable.

Fully rechargeable from the included mains or in-vehicle charger, the FLOOD-IT is totally portable and can easily be stowed away. Fully IP65 rated and tested for all conditions whilst on trial by the fire service, users can be confident that the FLOOD-IT will work come rain, shine, mud or dust.

Saving hours of rigging up floodlights from the mains and bulky equipment, not forgetting the obvious health and safety benefits of being cable free, users can just get on with the job in hand rather than wasting energy on having to light their environment.