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Candle Filament

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
CF3140 Lamp, LED Filament E14 Candle Clear 5W 200lmWarm White
CF3150 Lamp, LED Filament B15 Candle Clear 5W 200lmWarm White
CF3220 Lamp, LED Filament B22 Candle Clear 5W 200lmWarm White
CF3270 Lamp, LED Filament E27 Candle Clear 5W 200lmWarm White


Founded in 2012, HERMIN LED is a trading name of Easy Energy Solution Limited based in Glasgow. The Company has grown to be a distributor of good reputation in the British lighting industry and with an excellent network of connections to some of the most respected manufacturers of lighting products worldwide, HERMIN LED aims to provide high quality products and first class professional service to our customers, whether you are part of a national electrical wholesaler group or a local independent lighting retailer.

Easy Energy Solutions

The lighting industry in the UK has become ever more dynamic due to the fast changing nature of lighting technologies. This provides both the opportunity for great business development and the challenge to provide product innovation. Here at HERMIN LED we are committed to stocking the LED products that not only our customers currently demand, but also being the first to market the next generation of LED products. We commit to provide high quality products that comply with all British Safety Standard and international quality requirements.

Having secured a tried and trusted range of residential lighting solutions, HERMIN LED is now starting to diversify its product range to include commercial luminaires and accessories. This broadening of the product range has come as a result of carefully listening and understanding our customers’ feedback.

Continual quality control on all products is always at the core of the Company’s operational strategy and HERMIN LED strives to deliver quality products and customer service, coupled with a reputation for product range development.
If you are looking to either consolidate or expand your company’s presence in the UK LED lighting market, then now is the right time to get in touch and together with HERMIN LED work in partnership to achieve those goals.

Easy Energy Solutions