Dextra Lighting Ltd
Brickfields Business Park
SP 8 4PX

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Tel tel: 01747 858100
Fax fax: 0800 7838444
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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
11WTC-SC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-S 2 Pin 11W 300mmColour 84
11WTC-SEC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-SE 4 Pin 11W 300mmColour 84
13WTC-DC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-D 2 Pin 13W 250mmColour 84
13WTC-DEC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-DE 4 Pin 13W 250mmColour 84
14WHET5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HE T5 14W 600mmColour 84
16WTC-DDC835/2P Lamp, Triphosphor TC-DD 2D 2 Pin 16W 300mmColour 835
16WTC-DDC835/4P Lamp, Triphosphor TC-DD 2D 4 Pin 16W 300mmColour 835
18WTC-DC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-D 2 Pin 18W 250mmColour 84
18WTC-DEC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-DE 4 Pin 18W 250mmColour 84
18WTC-LC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-L 4 Pin 18W 300mmColour 84
21WHET5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HE T5 21W 900mmColour 84
24WHOT5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HO T5 24W 600mmColour 84
26WTC-DC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-D 2 Pin 26W 250mmColour 84
26WTC-DEC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-DE 4 Pin 26W 250mmColour 84
28WHET5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HE T5 28W 1200mmColour 84
28WTC-DDC835/4P Lamp, Triphosphor TC-DD 2D 4 Pin 28W 300mmColour 835
32WTC-TEC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-CE 4 Pin 32W 250mmColour 84
34WTC-LC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-L 4 Pin 34W 600mmColour 84
35WHET5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HE T5 35W 1500mmColour 84
36WTC-LC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-L 4 Pin 36W 600mmColour 84
38WTC-DDC835/4P Lamp, Triphosphor TC-DD 2D 4 Pin 38W 300mmColour 835
39WHOT5C84 Lamp, Triphospher HO T5 39W 900mmColour 84
40WT5CIRCULARC840 Lamp, Amalgam T5 40W 305mmColour 84
40WTC-LC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-L 4 Pin 40W 600mmColour 84
42WTC-TEC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-CE 4 Pin 42W 250mmColour 84
49WHOT5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HO T5 49W 1500mmColour 84
54WHOT5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HO T5 54W 1200mmColour 84
55WT5CIRCULARC840 Lamp, Amalgam T5 55W 305mmColour 84
55WTC-LC84 Lamp, Triphosphor TC-L 4 Pin 55W 600mmColour 84
58WT8C84 Lamp, Triphosphor T8 58W 1500mmColour 84
70WT8C84 Lamp, Triphosphor T8 70W 1800mmColour 84
80WHOT5C84 Lamp, Triphosphor HO T5 80W 1500mmColour 84


Dextra Group plc

A privately owned UK Lighting manufacturer, Dextra Group plc. are lighting the way to a brighter future.

We are at the cutting edge of luminaire development. Ongoing investment in state of the art equipment and R&D enables us to compete and respond quickly to the ever changing UK and European marketplace without restriction of delivery time to the customer. This has proven time and again to future proof the company. Our latest investment is in a dedicated LED PCB production facility. We are the first major European lighting manufacturer to do this. State of the art equipment allows rapid production of cards up to 900mm x 600mm. A dedicated clean room facility with full ESD protection has been built to ensure that we are producing cards to the highest possible standards in accordance with all regulations. This facility will allow us to embark on the design of ground breaking luminaires encompassing our own customised cards bringing a new level of flexibility to production and design. This investment allows us to be fully self sufficient.

Our sales teams operate in a competitive, diverse market, and have the back up of our 'just in time' manufacturing ethic and 'made in the UK' products allowing them to react quickly to client needs.

Made in the UK is exactly why we can react quickly and efficiently. Extensive production areas create a very different selection of lighting products, from standard luminaires, high level products, cold store fittings, to bespoke designs and the very latest in LED technology. Our production staff are used to responding at short notice, therefore coping with very short lead times.

Used to quick turnaround times, our designers react and develop products to suit customer requirements, whether it is a bespoke product or existing design.

Our own laboratories, photometers and testing equipment allows up to date legislation on all products to be met and passed in minimal time, with robotic production backing up our manual lines when long runs of product are requested.

A fleet of Dextra Group vehicles are maintained on site. A tractor unit, trailer and truck mounted forklift enables easy delivery and off-load at the customer's premises. Our vans deliver where access by lorry is not possible.

A reassuring approach is used by Customer Services to deal with any issues raised by customers and staff alike.

We process end of life products under the WEEE regulations, relieving our clients from the worry of what to do with unwanted product and the legislation involved. Fittings are collected from site and recycled. In 2012, an impressive 51,000 fittings were recycled generating 235 tonnes of recyclable material. In 2013, our recycling is on target to reach a staggering 400 tonnes.

Customer service and after sales care will not be compromised and this ethos is embraced by all employees. This belief in high service levels has led us to become the largest self owned UK luminaire manufacturer with 35 years experience.