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Solar Panels Fixings & Installation Kits

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
162016-RTX Kit, To Couple 2 Solar Panels
162017 Installation Kit, In-Roof for 2xVertical Solar Panels, for 162012-RTX
162018 Installation Kit, In-Roof for 1xVertical Solar Panel, for 162012-RTX
162019 Installation Kit, In-Roof for 2xVertical Solar Panels
162020 Extension Kit, In-Roof for Additional Vert Panel
162036-RTX Hook, Support for High Profile Tiles
162058 Roof Kit, Flat for 2xVertical Panels 30-60Deg
162059 Roof Kit, Flat for 1xVertical Panels 30-60Deg
162060 Roof Kit, Flat for 1xHorizontal Panels 30-60Deg
162061 Roof Kit, Flat Roof for Additional Horz Panel 30-60Deg
162066 Rail, Mounting for Small Panels
162067 Mounting, Rail Solar Vertical Panel
162068 Mounting, Rail Solar Horizontal Panel
164703-RTX Hook, Support for Curved Roofings
164704-RTX Hook, Support for Sheet Metal Roofs
164723 Hook, Support for Flat Tiles
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Panel, Solar Horizontal
EKSV21P Panel, Solar Vertical 2000x1006x85mm
More Information Available
Panel, Solar Vertical
FKU-HWS200TC Cylinder, Solar Twin Coil 200Ltr
FKU-HWS250TC Cylinder, Solar Twin Coil 250Ltr
FKU-HWS300TC Cylinder, Solar Twin Coil 300Ltr
UK.SOLCTRBS4 Controller, Solar for Standalone Solar