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Commercial Range

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
BDBHQ44C60 Seal, Member for Decoration Panel FFQFXZQ
BKS028 Leg, Floor Standing
BPMKS967A2 Branch, Provider Kit 2 Fan Coil Units
BPMKS967A3 Branch, Provider Kit 3 Fan Coil Units
BRC073 Controller, Wired Remote BRC1E52 Style
BRC1E53A Controller, Premium Wired Remote, c/w Duty Rotation Function
BRC2E52 Controller, Simplified Wired Remote, w/o Auto Swing
BRC7C58 Controller, Wireless Remote
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Controller, Wireless Remote, FXAQ FAQ71 Heat Pump
BRC7EB518 Controller, Wireless Remote
BRC7EB530W Controller, Wireless Remote for Fully Flat, Cassette Old Style Decoration Panel
BRC7F530S Controller, Wireless Remote for Silver Ceiling, Decoration Panel
BRC7F530W Controller, Wireless Remote for White Ceiling, Decoration Panel
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Controller, Wireless Remote
BRC7FA532F Controller, Wireless Remote
BRC7G53 Controller, Wireless Remote
BRC315D Controller, Wireless Remote, Requires KJB212A
BRCW901A03 Cable, Connection for BRC944 3m
BRCW901A08 Cable, Connection for BRC944 8m
BRP069A41 Adaptor, for Connection To On-Line, Controller
BRP069A42 Adaptor, Wi-Fi, for Connection to On-Line Cntrlr
BRYQ60AS Sensor, Integral PIR for Fully Flat, Cassette Silver Decoration Panel
BRYQ60AW Sensor, Integral PIR for Fully Flat, Cassette White Decoration Panel
BRYQ140A Sensor, Integral PIR for Roundflow Panel
BYCQ140DG Panel, Roundflow Cassette Decoration, c/w Self Cleaning Filter
BYCQ140DW Grille, Roundflow Cassette Decoration White
BYFQ60B3 Panel, Fully Flat Cassette Decoration, Old Style
BYFQ60CS Panel, Fully Flat Cassette Decoration Silver
BYFQ60CW Panel, Fully Flat Cassette Decoration White
DTA112B51 Adaptor, PCB Sky Air Units to Daikin, Central Control Systems
EKRORO Interface, Remote On/Off
EKRORO4 Interface, Kit Remote On/Off Control
EKRORO5 Interface, Kit Remote On/Off Control
K.CGS Guard, Condensing Unit Size 20-35
K.RSS Sensor, Temperature Wireless Room Mounted, and Receiver
KDBHQ55B140 Seal, Air Discharge Outlet
KDDQ50A140 Intake, Kit Fresh Air
KDDQ55B140 Intake, Kit Fresh Air
KHRQ127H Joint, 3 Pipe Refnet
KHRQ250H7 Joint, 3 Pipe Refnet
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Interface, for Split Type Systems
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Interface, KNX
KPMH950A4L Cuff, L Shaped Humidification Hose Pk=10
KPMH974A42 Hose, Humidification Extension 10m
KPMH974A402 Hose, Humidification Extension 2m
KPMJ942A4 Joint, Humidification Extension Hose Pk=10
KPMJ983A4L Joint, L Shaped Extension Hose Pk=10
KRCS01-4 Sensor, Remote Room Temperature
KRP4A53 Adaptor, PCB for Remote On/Off, Status Indication
KRP4A53/UK.FB2 Adaptor, PCB for Remote On/Off, Status Indication+Fixing Box
KRP413A1S Adaptor, PCB
KRP928A2S Adaptor, PCB
RS-SE Service Tool, and Configuration for K.RSS
RTD-10/UK.FB2 PCB, Enhanced Function
RTD-20/UK.FB2 PCB, Energy Control
RTD-NET/UK.FB2 Interface, PCB Modbus
RTD-RA Adaptor, PCB for Modbus Connection And/Or, Extended System Functions
UK.PANEL2SKYAIR Panel, Automatic Changeover, for 2 SkyAir Systems
UK.PANEL3SKYAIR Panel, Automatic Changeover, for 3 SkyAir Systems
UK.PANEL4SKYAIR Panel, Automatic Changeover, for 4 SkyAir Systems
UK.RAC5 Chamber, Return Air 2No 150mm
UK.RAC7 Chamber, Return Air 4No 150mm
UK.SAF5 Flange, Supply Air
UK.SAF7 Flange, Supply Air
UK.SF2 Flange, Supply Air
UK.SF3 Flange, Supply Air
UK.SF3A Flange, Supply Air
UK.SF4 Flange, Supply Air