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CondexaPRO Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
1102379 Remote Control, Wall Mounted
1102439 Room Kit, Sealed for 50kW Engine
1102449 Room Kit, Sealed for 100kW Engine
1102459 Adaptor, Use with 80mm Twin Flue System 50-80mm
1102579 Flange, Blind CondexaBOX 3in
1102589 Flange, CondexaBOX 3in
1102799 Kit, Condense 50mm
1102869 Valve Kit, Low Temperature
1103059 Sensor
4030047 Kit, Zone A High Temperature
4030048 Kit, Zone B Low Temperature
4030066 Kit, Zone C DHW
4030087 Header, External 720HDR Box Only 720kW
4030088 Header, INT 720HD Header Only 720kW
4030089 Enclosure, External CondexaPRO Stainless Steel
4030093 Anti-Vibration Kit, Water DN125 Flanged Joint For F&R
4030094 Anti-Vibration Kit, DN80 Flanged Joint For Gas
4030096 Header, External 720HDL Box Only 720kW
4031810 Neutralizer, Condensate Kit N2 up to 320kW
4031812 Neutralizer, Condensate Kit N3 up to 720kW
20008401 Connection Kit, PCB Interface CondexaPRO Cotnrol
20009439 Manifold, Hydraulic Kit for Boiler Rig
20009442 Pump, Kit Front for Boiler Rig
20009443 Pump, Kit Rear for Boiler Rig
20009444 Flange, Blank End Kit for Hydraulic, Manifold
20009466 Header, c/w Separator Hydraulic 100-200kW
20009467 Header, c/w Separator Hydraulic 250-400kW
20009471 Manifold, Hydraulic ISPESL
20009472 Boiler, Rig Free Standing Front Mounting
20009474 Mounting, Rear Kit for Boiler Rig
20009475 Safety Kit, ISPESL
20009482 Valve, Gas Safety Cut-Off 200kW
20009483 Valve, Gas Safety Cut-Off 400kW
20009486 Valve, Gas Safety Cut-Off 100kW
20011126 Neutralizer, Condensate Kit N2 up to 320kW
20011132 Neutralizer, Condensate Kit N2 up to 720kW
20011135 Neutralizer, Condensate Kit HN2 up to 320kW
20011162 Neutralizer, Condensate Kit HN3 up to 720kW
20016110 Kit, Master CondexaPRO Zone
20017226 Manifold, Hydraulic Kit for Boiler Rig, c/w Blank End Flange 100kW
20017270 Pipe, Connection Kit for Hydraulic, Header/Separator
20017271 Header, c/w Separator Hydraulic 100kW
20017306 Collector, Flue Kit, for Frontal/Rear Installation
20018456 Frame, Wall for Collector
20021898 Pump, Primary Loop <270kW For CondexaPRO, c/w Conn & VegA RMDA 50-80
20021900 Pump, Primary Loop <450kW For CondexaPRO, c/w Conn & VegA RMDA 80-90
20039165 Heat Meter, In Set Box for Standard Unit
20039176 Support, Heat Meter Wall for Standard Unit
20039178 Door, Heat Meter for In Set Standard Box
20039184 Heat Meter, DN20mm Standard Unit, For Central Heating
20041367 Valve Kit, 2 Way For CondexaPRO
20062332 End Cap, For CondexaPRO 125mm
20062333 End Cap, For CondexaPRO 160mm
20062335 End Cap, For CondexaPRO 200mm
20062550 Connection Kit, T For CondexaPRO, c/w Condensate Drain 200mm
20063060 Flange, Blind CondexaBOX 5in
20063061 Flange, CondexaBOX 5in
20063062 Gasket, CondexaBOX 3in
20063063 Gasket, Hydraulic CondexaBOX 5in
20063064 Nut & Bolt, CondexaBOX 1Pce
20064739 Convertor Kit, CondexaPRO 80/125mm
20067837 Board, Master inc Blind Flanges, Compulsory Accy for 1002 1003&1004
20069767 Flue, Collectors 4x110 & 1x200mm
20069769 Flue, Collectors 3x110 & 200mm
20069771 Flue, Collectors 110 & 200mm
20074998 Coupling, For CondexaPRO Cascades Master Unit
20075526 Pump, Kit Front Low Energy
29450170 Flue Kit, Flexi Chimney Renovation 80mm
29450237 Collector, Flue 125x350mm
29450238 Collector, Flue 125x750mm
29450239 Siphon, Lohn John
29450240 Collector, Flue Kit 125mm 50kW
29450241 Collector, Flue Kit 125mm 100kW
29450242 Condensation Kit, Flue 125mm
29450402 Collector, Flue 42Deg Branch Internal 250x110x300mm
29450403 Collector, Flue 42Deg Branch Internal 250x110x1060mm
29450404 Collector, Flue 42Deg Branch Internal 250x110x500mm
29450405 Collector, Flue 42Deg Branch Internal 250x160x1060mm
29450406 Adaptor, FemxMale Internal 315x250mmGrey
29450407 Adaptor, FemxMale Internal 200x250mmGrey
29450408 Adaptor, MalexFemale Internal 200x250mm
29450409 Adaptor, Eccentric FemxMale Internal 315x250mm
XKIT0570 Device, Safety for CondexaPRO
XKIT0572 Valve, Fuel for CondexaPRO
XKIT1100 Junction Kit, CondexaBOX