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LED Bulkheads

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
B/BATT/GROVE/3 Battery Pack, for Grove/2 9.6V
B/BATT/METEOR Battery, for Conventional Fluorescent Lights
B/BATT/MM Battery, Meteor Maxi LED c/w Connector 1500mAh 3.6V
BK/M3/LED/2 Bulkhead, 3hrM LED Self Contained IP65
BK/M3/LED/2/ST Bulkhead, 3hrM LED Self-Test 115x350x75mmPolycarbonate
BZ/KIT/BROOK/WH Bezel, Brook Semi-Recessing
FRS/L/M3/H/DALI Bulkhead, 3hrM LED DALI 2W
FRS/L/NM3/H/DALI Bulkhead, 3hrNM LED DALI 2W
ME/M3/LED/IP65/ST Bulkhead, 3hrM LED Self Test IP65 100x260x61mm
MM/M3/LED Bulkhead, 3hrM 110x352x57mmPolycarbonate
PIC/ME/LED/BLADE Blade, LED c/w Diffuser Kit
STRATOS/24 Bulkhead, Emer 7xLED c/w Exit Sign Pictogram, IP65 1W 24V AC/DC
STRATOS/50 Bulkhead, Emer 7xLED c/w Exit Sign Pictogram, IP65 1W 50V AC/DC
STRATOS/110 Bulkhead, Emer 7xLED c/w Exit Sign Pictogram, IP65 1W 110V AC/DC
STRATOS/230 Bulkhead, Emer 7xLED c/w Exit Sign Pictogram, IP65 1W 230V AC/DC
STRATOS/M3 Bulkhead, 3hrM 7xLED c/w Exit Sign Pictogram, IP65 1W
STRATOS/M3/2W Bulkhead, 3hrM 14xLED c/w Exit Sign Pictogram, IP65 2W
STRATOS/PIC/KIT Legend, Kit Drop Blade for Stratos
STRATOS/REC/KIT Recessing Kit, for the Stratos LED Emer Bulkhead

Established in 1976, Channel Lighting and Safety Systems is a leading branded manufacturer and supplier to the UK Electrical Wholesaler and Electrical Contractor markets for LED commercial lighting, emergency lighting and fire safety systems.

We have built up a strong franchise in LED Lighting and safety systems with the Emergency, Security and Commercial lighting portfolios as well as in the Fire Detection, Security (Door Entry and CCTV) and Disability Assistance fields.

Our knowledge, strength of service and attention to detail have earned us multiple accreditations from the industries’ leading regulatory and trade bodies, and we are proud to be affiliated with the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) ICEL (Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting), FIA (Fire Industry Association), and as an affiliated manufacturer to the EDA (Electrical Distributors Association). We are also accredited with BSI and the Apollo Partner Plus programme.

We have built strong relationships with our Stockists and Wholesalers and are proud to continue to grow these partnerships to ensure Electrical Contractors are offered a comprehensive, high quality range of lighting and safety systems. To find a Stockist or Wholesaler in your area simply click here and add your hometown or postcode.

Channel Safety aims to provide the highest possible product quality and performance for an affordable, value for money price point.