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Switching Systems & Keyboards

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KBD-220PS PSU, IntuiKey Series 220-240V AC 600mA
KBD-RACK Mount, Rack Kit for IntuiKey Keyboards
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Keyboard, IntuiKey Universal
KBD-UXF Keyboard, USB Powered KBD Universal XF 89x379x224mm
LTC8016/90 Interface, Allegiant Bilinx Data 16 Channel 108-264V AC 15W 440x305x40mmCharcoal
LTC8059/00 Software, Allegiant Master Control
LTC8300/90 Switcher, Allegiant Matrix 32 Camera Input, 6 Monitor Outputs
LTC8506/00 Cable, PC to Console Port
LTC8508/01 Cable, Ribbon to BNC Interface 1m
LTC8540/00 Interface, Alarm 64 Input 8 Relay
LTC8555/00 Keyboard, Allegiant Compact Full Function, c/w Variable Speed Joystick 51x220x155mm
LTC8555/01 Keyboard, Allegiant Compact Full Function, c/w Variable Speed Joystick 51x220x155mm
LTC8557/50 Hook-Up Unit, Remote Keyboard 1500m 230V AC
LTC8558/00 Cable, Keyboard 30m
LTC8568/00 Distribution Unit, Signal 3W 12V AC 445x318x89mmCharcoal
LTC8569/50 Unit, Code Merger 12W 230V AC
LTC8570/50 Unit, Code Merger 32 Output 230V AC
LTC8601/50 Switcher, Allegiant Matrix 128 Inputs, 16 Monitor Outputs 230V AC
LTC8610/01 Module, LTC 6000 Series CPU
LTC8621/00 Module, Camera 16 Video Input
LTC8712/50 Expander, Allegiant Console Port
LTC8713/50 Expander, Alarm Port for 4 LTC 8540/00 Units 230V AC
LTC8714/50 Expander, 8 Keyboard Port 230V AC
LTC8715/50 Expander, Port 230V AC
LTC8768/00 Distribution Unit, Signal 64 Outputs
LTC8780/50 Converter, RS232 Data Unit 230V AC
LTC8782/50-10 Unit, Code Translator Biphase to Pelco 230V AC
LTC8782/50-12 Unit, Code Translator Biphase to RCL 230V AC
LTC8782/50-30 Unit, Code Translator Pelco to Biphase 230V AC
LTC8786/50 Converter, RS232 to Biphase 16 Outputs 220-240V AC
LTC8786/60 Converter, RS232 to Biphase 16 Outputs 120V AC
LTC8801/50 Switcher, Allegiant Matrix 256 Cam By 64 Mntr 220-240V AC
LTC8802/50 Bay, Monitor Expansion c/w Data Module
LTC8805/50 PSU 220-240V AC
LTC8808/00 Panel, Video Interconnect 32 Channel Charcoal
LTC8809/00 Cable, Ribbon 16 Conductor 1.8m
LTC8809/02 Cable, Ribbon 16 Conductor 3m
LTC8810/01 Module, Microprocessor 300x250mm
LTC8816/01 Module, Data Receiver
LTC8821/00 Module, 32 Video Input
LTC8834/00 Module, 4 Video Output
LTC8901/50 Bay, Allegiant Dual CPU
LTC8902/50 Bay, Monitor Output
LTC8903/50 Bay, Camera Input
LTC8904/50 Bay, Non Redundant CPU
LTC8905/90 PSU 120/240V AC
LTC8906/50 PSU 230V AC
LTC8910/01 Module, CPU
LTC8916/01 Module, Data Receiving
LTC8917/00 Module, Relay
LTC8918/01 Module, Data Receiving
LTC8921/00 Module, Video Input
LTC8934/00 Module, Video Output
LTC8941/91 Package, PC/Monitor/LAN Hub/Software
LTC8943/95 PC, Replacement Controller
LTC8944/93 Switch, Primary LAN 24 Port 120/220V AC
LTC8945/93 Switch, Back-Up LAN 24 Port 120/220V AC
LTC8946/93 Switch, Expansion LAN 24 Port 120/220V AC
S1385 Cable, System4 Serial