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Stand Range

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
B5550 Frame, Mini Split Low c/w 200mm Feet 625x1125x305mm
B5551 Frame, Mini Split High c/w 200mm Feet 625x1125x450mm
B5552 Frame, Tower Stand c/w 200mm Feet 625x1125x305/1000mm
B5553 Frame, Mini Split Low Extender, c/w 200mm Feet 1060x1125x305mm
B5554 Frame, Mini Split High Extender, c/w 200mm Feet 1060x1125x450mm
B5556 Frame, VRF/VRV Stand 990, c/w 200mm Feet 1230x1360x305mm
B5557 Frame, VRF/VRV Stand 1290, c/w 200mm Feet 1530x1360x305mm
B5558 Frame, VRF/VRV Stand 1450, c/w 200mm Feet 1690x1360x305mm
B5559 Frame, VRF/VRV Stand 990 Extender, c/w 200mm Feet 1030x1360x305mm
B5560 Frame, VRF/VRV Stand 1290 Extender, c/w 200mm Feet 1330x1360x305mm
B5561 Frame, VRF/VRV Stand 1450 Extender, c/w 200mm Feet 1490x1360x305mm

Big Foot Systems first entered the UK marketplace in 2001 with the introduction of simple frameworks to support condensing units.

Our aim was to provide an easy & economical alternative to concrete blocks for supporting plant on a flat roof without penetrating or damaging the roof surface.

The on-site flexibility of the frameworks proved popular and the product range was developed to include cost effective supports for duct & pipework runs.

Big Foot Systems have since added two simple Walkway systems to offer a secure route for service engineers and other personnel.

Big Foot Systems are now able to offer solutions for supporting anything on a flat roof, from condensing units to solar panels.

Our dedicated design team work on large scale bespoke project. All we need is a roof drawing or simply weights and dimensions of roof plant in order to prepare a quotation.

We boast a growing product range and an experienced technical support team, setting the standard on any installation whilst meeting the needs of consultants, engineers and architects.