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Nickel Cable Terminals

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
CCTN1.5-4 Lug, Pack=100 1.5x4mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN1.5-5 Lug, Pack=100 1.5x5mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN2.5-4 Lug, Pack=100 2.5x4mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN2.5-5 Lug, Pack=100 2.5x5mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN2.5-6 Lug, Pack=100 2.5x6mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN4-4 Lug, Pack=100 4x4mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN4-5 Lug, Pack=100 4x5mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN4-6 Lug, Pack=100 4x6mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN6-4 Lug, Pack=100 6x4mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN6-5 Lug, Pack=100 6x5mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN6-6 Lug, Pack=100 6x6mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN10-5 Lug, Pack=100 10x5mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN10-6 Lug, Pack=100 10x6mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN16-5 Lug, Pack=100 16x5mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN16-6 Lug, Pack=100 16x6mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN16-8 Lug, Pack=100 16x8mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN25-6 Lug, Pack=100 25x6mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN25-8 Lug, Pack=100 25x8mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN35-6 Lug, Pack=100 35x6mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN35-8 Lug, Pack=100 35x8mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN50-8 Lug, Pack=100 50x8mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN50-10 Lug, Pack=100 50x10mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN70-10 Lug, Pack=100 70x10mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN70-12 Lug, Pack=100 70x12mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN95-10 Lug, Pack=100 95x10mmHigh Grade Nickel
CCTN95-12 Lug, Pack=100 95x12mmHigh Grade Nickel


For over 26 years Cablecraft have been supplying cable identification, termination and management products not only within the UK, but throughout the world, servicing a diverse range of industries from control panel building, electrical contracting, rail and signaling engineering to offshore oil and gas and petrochemical industries. We now offer what we believe to be the widest range of cable accessories available all from one source combined with a huge inventory. We are ISO 9001-2008 accredited ensuring quality in everything we do.