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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
1159 Housing, Front Peristaltic
1523/1 Cable, Plug-In Peristaltic Standard
1553/1 Bracket, Wall for Condensate Pump
1573/1 Cable, Plug-In Peristaltic Universal 3m
2419 Hose, Inlet Mini Lime, 14mm I/D & 19mm O/E 25m
2457 Grease, Silicon
2472 Hose, Inlet Mini Lime, 14mm I/D & 19mm O/E 1m
2716 Bracket, Peristaltic Pump, for Universal & Standard
2811 Bottle, Pump Test 500ml
AX0005 Tool Box, c/w Fittings
AX3000/1 Air Conditioner, Mobile Cooling
AX3005/1 Air Conditioner, Mobile Cooling & Heating
AX3500 Tool Bag, TECH-LC
AX3501 Tool Bag, TECH-PAC Bag
AX3502 Tool Bag, TECH PACK LT
AX3503 Tool Bag, TECH-XL
AX3504 Tool Bag, TP3
AX3505 Tool Bag, TP4
AX3506 Tool Bag, MC
AX3507 Tool Bag, MB
AX3508 Tool Bag, MB2
AX3509 Tool Bag, OT-LC
AX3513 Tool Bag, MCT
AX4000 Programmer, PIR Detector
AX4201 Detector, PIR Low Temperature, Batten Mounted -30C
AX4202 Detector, PIR Low Temperature, Compact Ceiling Mounted -30C
AX4203 Detector, PIR Low Temperature, Warehouse Ceiling Mounted -30C
AX5100 Tube, Braided 1/4inx30mClear Vinyl
AX5101 Tube, Braided 3/8inx30mClear Vinyl
AX5102 Tube, Braided 1/2inx30mClear Vinyl
AX5103 Tube, Braided 5/8inx30mClear Vinyl
AX5110 Tube, Braided 1/4inx30mBlack Vinyl
AX5111 Tube, Braided 3/8inx30mBlack Vinyl
AX5112 Tube, Braided 1/2inx30mBlack Vinyl
AX5113 Tube, Braided 5/8inx30mBlack Vinyl
AX5200 Tube 1/4inx30mClear Vinyl
AX5201 Tube 3/8inx30mClear Vinyl
AX5202 Tube 3/8inx30mClear Vinyl
AX6001/2 Isolator, 4P Small 20A
AX6002/2 Isolator, 4P Small 32A
AX6003/2 Isolator, 4P Large 40A
AX6004/2 Isolator, 4P Large 63A
AX6005/2 Isolator, 4P Small 25A
AX6101/2 Isolator, TP Small 20A
AX6102/2 Isolator, TP Small 32A
AX6103/2 Isolator, TP Large 40A
AX6104/2 Isolator, TP Large 63A
B6361 Clip, 3 Pipe, Pack of 5 Size 1
B6362 Clip, 3 Pipe, Pack of 5 Size 2
B6363 Clip, 3 Pipe, Pack of 5 Size 3
B6364 Clip, 3 Pipe, Pack of 5 Size 4
B6561 Clip, Pinch, Pack of 10 Size 2
B6562 Clip, Pinch, Pack of 10 Size 3
B6563 Clip, Pinch, Pack of 10 Size 4
B7501 Pipe, Rigid 21.5mmx2.9mWhite PVC-U
B7502 Pipe, Rigid 26.8mmx2.9mWhite PVC-U
B7503 Pipe, Rigid 33.6mmx2.9mWhite PVC-U
B7511 Elbow, Rigid 90Deg 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7512 Elbow, Rigid 90Deg 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7513 Elbow, Rigid 90Deg 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7521 Elbow, Rigid 45Deg 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7522 Elbow, Rigid 45Deg 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7523 Elbow, Rigid 45Deg 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7531 Tee, Rigid Equal 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7532 Tee, Rigid Equal 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7533 Tee, Rigid Equal 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7541 Connector, Rigid Straight 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7542 Connector, Rigid Straight 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7543 Connector, Rigid Straight 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7551 Union, Rigid Barrel 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7552 Union, Rigid Barrel 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7553 Union, Rigid Barrel 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7561 Socket, Rigid Threaded Female 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7562 Socket, Rigid Threaded Female 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7563 Socket, Rigid Threaded Female 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7571 Socket, Rigid Threaded Male 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7572 Socket, Rigid Threaded Male 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7573 Socket, Rigid Threaded Male 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7581 Socket, Rigid Reducing 26.8-21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7582 Socket, Rigid Reducing 33.6-21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7583 Socket, Rigid Reducing 33.6-26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7591 Bush, Rigid Reducing 26.8-21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7592 Bush, Rigid Reducing 33.6-21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7593 Bush, Rigid Reducing 33.6-26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7611 Clip, Rigid Stud Mount 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7612 Clip, Rigid Stud Mount 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7613 Clip, Rigid Stud Mount 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7614 Clip, Rigid Surface Mount 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7615 Clip, Rigid Surface Mount 26.8mmWhite PVC-U
B7616 Clip, Rigid Surface Mount 21.5mmWhite PVC-U
B7617 Pipe, Rigid 21.5mmx2.9mBlack PVC-U
B7618 Pipe, Rigid 26.8mmx2.9mBlack PVC-U
B7619 Pipe, Rigid 33.6mmx2.9mBlack PVC-U
B7620 Elbow, Rigid 90Deg 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7621 Elbow, Rigid 90Deg 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7622 Elbow, Rigid 90Deg 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7623 Elbow, Rigid 45Deg 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7624 Elbow, Rigid 45Deg 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7625 Elbow, Rigid 45Deg 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7626 Tee, Rigid Equal 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7627 Tee, Rigid Equal 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7628 Tee, Rigid Equal 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7629 Connector, Rigid Straight 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7630 Connector, Rigid Straight 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7631 Connector, Rigid Straight 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7632 Union, Rigid Barrel 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7633 Union, Rigid Barrel 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7634 Union, Rigid Barrel 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7635 Socket, Rigid Threaded Female 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7636 Socket, Rigid Threaded Female 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7637 Socket, Rigid Threaded Female 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7638 Socket, Rigid Threaded Male 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7639 Socket, Rigid Threaded Male 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7640 Socket, Rigid Threaded Male 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7641 Socket, Rigid Reducing 26.8-21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7642 Socket, Rigid Reducing 33.6-21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7643 Socket, Rigid Reducing 33.6-26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7644 Bush, Rigid Reducing 26.8-21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7645 Bush, Rigid Reducing 33.6-21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7646 Bush, Rigid Reducing 33.6-26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7647 Clip, Rigid Stud Mount 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7648 Clip, Rigid Stud Mount 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7649 Clip, Rigid Stud Mount 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7650 Clip, Rigid Surface Mount 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
B7651 Clip, Rigid Surface Mount 26.8mmBlack PVC-U
B7652 Clip, Rigid Surface Mount 21.5mmBlack PVC-U
B7653 Fitting, Rigid Rodding 33.6mmWhite PVC-U
B7654 Fitting, Rigid Rodding 33.6mmBlack PVC-U
FP1021 Neutralizer, Acid 150g
FP1024 Connector, Hose Offset Bag=5
FP1037 Cover, Mini Blanc Beige
FP1248 Strip, Stay Clean Bag=3 9x110x25mm
FP1282 Tube, Condensate Pump
FP2001 Adaptor, Mini Pump, Pack of 3 16-20mmRubber
FP2002 Adaptor, Mini Pump, Pack of 3 16-25mmRubber
FP2003 Adaptor, Mini Pump, Pack of 3 16-32mmRubber
FP2006 Bend, 90Deg Long Arm, Pack of 3 12-16mm
FP2011 Adaptor, Tank Pump, Pack of 3 21-16mmRubber
FP2012 Adaptor, Tank Pump, Pack of 3 21-26mmRubber
FP2013 Adaptor, Tank Pump, Pack of 3 21-32mmRubber
FP2016 Adaptor, Pump, Pack of 3 21-25mmRubber
FP2017 Adaptor, Pump, Pack of 3 21-32mmRubber
FP2018 Adaptor, Pump, Pack of 3 21-40mmRubber
FP2020 Reducer, Straight, Pack of 5 10-6mm
FP2024 Connector, Equal T, Pack of 5 6mm
FP2028 Connector, Elbow, Pack of 5 6mm
FP2030 Connector, Equal T, Pack of 5 10mm
FP2032 Connector, Elbow, Pack of 5 10mm
FP2035 Connector, Equal T, Pack of 5 12mm
FP2037 Connector, Elbow, Pack of 5 12mm
FP2038 Adaptor, Waste/Soil, Pack of 3 6/10mm
FP2039 Connector, Straight, Pack of 5 12mm
FP2040 Adaptor, Hose to Overflow, Pack of 3 6/10-21mm
FP2041 Connector, Equal T, Pack of 5 15mm
FP2043 Connector, Elbow, Pack of 5 15mm
FP2045 Connector, Straight, Pack of 5 15mm
FP2050 Clamp, Hose, Pack of 5 10-16mm
FP2052 Clamp, Hose, Pack of 5 16-25mm
FP2054 Clamp, Hose, Pack of 5 20-32mm
FP2056 Bend, 90Deg Long Arm, Pack of 3 16-16mm
FP2058 Connector, 2 Way Drain Pipe, Pack of 5
FP2620 Fuse, c/w Holder, Pack of 2 1A
FP2622 Connector, Straight Bag=5 1/4in
FP2624 Connector, Straight 3/8in
FP2626 Connector, Drain Tray Bag=5 16mm
FP2628 Valve, Non Return 1/4in
FP2630 Valve, Non Return 3/8in
FP2632 Connector, Reducing 1/4-3/8in
FP2636 Filter, Inline, Pack of 3 6mm
FP2638 Filter, Inline, Pack of 3 10mm
FP2640 Filter, Inline, Pack of 3 16mm
FP2647 Filter, Inline Micro v i4, Pack of 3
SA1115 Bracket, Tank Pump for Hi-Flows & Hi-Lifts
SA1161 Plate, Back Peristaltic
SA1382 Assembly, Rotor Peristaltic

The BBJ line of products have been developed over a number of years using our extensive knowledge of air conditioning installations. These are designed to complement our extensive range of pumps. This includes condensing unit brackets, protective guards and a complete range of pipe fixings,all designed to make life easy and quick for the installation engineer.

We offer full sales and technical support from our UK based team who will be pleased to help with any enquiries.