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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
15UH211 Isolation Valve, Composite Manifold (Pair) 22mm
15UH231 Staples, UFH Pipe (Pack of 300) 60mm
15UH232 Plate, System 1275x975mm
15UH234 Foam, Edge Expansion 150mmx25m
15UH237 Staple Gun 40/60mm
15UH238 Fastener, System Plate Tack (Bag of 25)
15UH302 Actuator 24V
15UH310 Controller, Digital Single Zone Kit, c/w Programmable Thermostat
15UH316 Control System, 16 Zone
15UH334 Sensor, Flow Watch
15UH372 Thermostat, Wired
15UH373 Thermostat, Wired Programmable
15UH382 Thermostat, Wireless
15UH383 Thermostat, Wireless Programmable
15UH395 Probe, Remote Sensor
15UH402 Actuator, 2 Wire 230V
15UH408 Control System, 8 Zone
15UH475 Thermostat, neoStat White
15UH476 Thermostat, neoStat Black
15UH492 Hub, neoHub
15UH494 Cover, Remote Sensor Probe
15UH495 Probe, Remote Sensor
15UH510 Manifold, Composite Starter Pack
15UH511 Manifold, Composite One Port Pack
15UH512 Manifold, Composite Control Pack A Rated
15UH513 Manifold, Composite Three Port Pack
15UH524 Thermostat, Flow Watch
15UH529 Adaptor, Euroconus (Pair) 15x1.8mm
15UH600 Panel, Underfloor Heating Low Build Max 15x600x150mmWhite
15UH601 Panel, Low Build 15 15x600x1200mm
15UH602 Panel, Underfloor Heating Low Build Max 15x600x1200mmWhite
15UH603 Panel, Underfloor Heating Low Build Max 15x600x1200mmWhite
15UH604 Panel, Underfloor Heating Low Build Max 15x300x138mmWhite
15UH605 Plate, Double Diffuser 15mm 1000x390mm
15UH606 Plate, Single Diffuser 15mm 1000x140mm
15UH607 Adaptor, Female 1inx15mmBrass
15UH608 Panel, Floating Floor 25mm 600x1200mm
15UH610 Panel, Joist 50mm 340x1200mm
15UH612 Bracket, L
15UH613 Screw & Washer, Joisted Floor M5x70mm
16UH529 Adaptor, Euroconus (Pair) 16x1.8mm