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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
EGBO.0200 O Ring, for BO1 Union 20mm
EGBO.0320 O Ring, for BO4/BO1 Union, EDPM Seals 32mm/1in
EGBO.0400 O Ring, for BO1 Union 40mm
EGBO.0500 O Ring, for BO1 Union 50mm
EGBO.0630 O Ring, for Union 63mm
EGBO.0750 O Ring, for Union 75mm
EGF1.0200 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 20mmPVC-U
EGF1.0250 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 25mmPVC-U
EGF1.0320 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 32mmPVC-U
EGF1.0400 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 40mmPVC-U
EGF1.0500 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 50mmPVC-U
EGF1.0630 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 63mmPVC-U
EGF1.0750 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 75mmPVC-U
EGF1.0900 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 90mmPVC-U
EGF1.1100 Gasket, Full Face Drilled PN16 110mmPVC-U
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Gasket, Stub Flange for QR4 Stubs
More Information Available
Gasket, Stub Flange for QR4 Stubs
GBR1.0200 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 20mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.0250 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 25mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.0320 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 32mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.0400 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 40mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.0500 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 50mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.0630 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 63mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.0750 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 75mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.0900 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 90mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.1100 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 110mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.1250 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 125mmGalvanised Mild Steel
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Backing Ring, Drilled PN16
160mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.2000 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 200mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.2500 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 250mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR1.3150 Backing Ring, Drilled PN16 315mmGalvanised Mild Steel
GBR4.250N Backing Ring, PN16 250mmGalvanised Mild Steel

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Astore thermoplastic pipework systems have been manufactured and used for the pressure pipework requirements of different market sectors for many years.

Founded in 1970, Astore has and continues to develop advanced techniques in the production of cost effective thermoplastic pressure pipework fittings and valves.

The Astore range is manufactured from either ABS or PVC- u and is used for a variety of applications where a lightweight, flexible and durable pipework system is required.

As an indication of commitment to quality manufacture, Astore PVC-U & ABS fittings and pipework are UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved. The Italian Institute of Plastics (I.I.P.) has granted certificates of conformity for the Astore production systems in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9002 (Certificate No 354).

Furthermore, Astore also offer a wide range of clamp saddles and compression fittings as well as a modular manifold system that can all be used for a wide range of water related applications.

Astore products are available via a network of approved stockists in the UK, serviced by our central sales and distribution centre in Cannock in the Midlands.